Videos on this post were originally streamed on September 8th, 2023. Watch the full stream here.

A Look Back at the Summer’s Vapes

Grab your favorite vape, sit back and relax as we look back at all that flew by the last couple months. We’re gonna settle into a deep chill and revisit the POTV Lobo, VapVana Screwball, DynaVap Helix Tip, Vapor Brothers V1.5, Camouflet Convector, Lotus, and the dabX GO. See you tonight!

Percy and the Lobo

This show will cover the following vaporizers

  1. POTV Lobo – This new portable dry herb vaporizer is a kickass vape at an achievable price point. It’s only been a week since we unveiled the LOBO here, and Troy from 420vapezone has already named it his #1 Budget Vape
  2. Vapvana Screwball – The newest ball vape to hit the vape scene is actually filled with gem-cut rubies instead of balls (save 10% with code “troyandjerry”). Our Vapvana Screwball Review Show was one of our funniest shows of the year. This vape has lots of promise. 420vapezone also covered the Screwball here.
  3. Dynavap Helix Tip – The Helix Tip from Dynavap is the lowest mass tip they’ve ever produced. This tip has convection holes and an entirely new fin-less design. See our initial coverage on the Helix Tip.
  4. Vapor Brothers 1.5 (With Balls) – Vapor Brothers has added balls to their 20-year-old desktop vaporizer. The new addition has taken this vaporizer from old and obscure to new and relevant again!
  5. DabX Go – Jerry enjoyed his time with the DabX Go, a portable e-rig packed with unique features. Troy was far from impressed and borderline bored with this throwaway vape.
  6. Camouflet Convector – This little convection vape proved to be a taste machine, and we look forward to their custom induction heater!

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