Videos from this post were originally streamed on July 28th. Watch the full stream here

DynaVap’s New Helix Tip

helix tip

First up tonight is the new Helix tip from DynaVap that was built for flavor, with a lot more convection heat. We sat down with the guys at DynaVap and got the full run down. Here’s what they were going for:

  • Increased convection for better flavor
  • This style requires a lighter pack for better air flow. Don’t pack it tightly!
  • The holes in the bowl sides help create this convection air flow.
  • Going for full extraction with one or two heat cycles.
  • Respect the Click! This tip can be less forgiving, so stop right at the click.
  • The tip is heat treated (not a coating) to resist scratches.
  • The helix fins below the bowl aren’t delicate, and can be heated to change color!
  • Code “troyandjerry” saves 10% off the $59 price!

The New dabX go Portable e-rig

dabX go

My first impressions of the dabX go were classy as fuck and it smacks! I’m stoked to see some real innovation in the e-rig space. The “me-too’s” were getting boring. Check out what this vape brings to the space:

  • No clean-up for 50ish dabs
  • Reverse airflow atomizer – the incoming air flows through and around the heat plate and just about eliminates mess!
  • Great taste from a pure air path – only ceramic, stainless steel and glass
  • All magnetic connection between the three-part base
  • Dab storage and reclaim compartment at bottom
  • Carb button to clear the glass
  • Thick, quality glass
  • $299 price tag
  • 15 second preheat time
  • Carry case that can seal the glass and the water inside

While the build and features are pretty dope, at the end of the night our main complaint was the hit. It hits hard, but feels like it runs hot and the taste suffers for it. I like smaller dabs at the lowest temp, but the bigger dabs weren’t for me.

Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

helix tip

The Helix tip looks pretty dope with those twisted helix fins that stretch from the o-rings to the bowl. They should transfer less heat to the stem to save your fingers!

helix on its side

Look – I set the tip on its side and took a pic, too! This is DynaVap’s lightest tip ever, at just over 3 grams.

down the hole!

A look into the bowl. This tip uses the same screen and has two bowl sizes. See that horizontal ring in the oven? That’s where the screen sits for a half size bowl. The thicker oven walls are supposed to roast herbs more evenly.

those helix fins!

That gold-colored tip has been heat-treated at the DynaVap headquarters to resist scratches. Not a coating. The tip is compatible with all other DynaVap stems.

you can see the air hole

See the holes in the tip? You can see one from the outside marked by the “X”, and one from the inside. You can see the green background through it. Those are the convection holes. There are three of them.

dabX go

Front view of the dabX go. The power and selection button is on the bottom, with the carb button above it.

closeup of power button

Closeup of the power button – all metal. This vape has a high-quality build.

closeup of carb button with logo

Closeup of the carb button – also all metal. It has a very different texture from the power button and is easy to distinguish. Nice little logo there.

remove the glass to find the atomizer

Lift off the magnetically connected glass to reveal the atomizer below.

USB-C charge port

USB-C charge port on the backside.

magnetic cap removed

Remove the metal splashguard to load the atomizer. It can stick to one of the four magnets on the base while you load it up. The four straight grooves are the air intakes.

where the goodies go

I look down into the atomizer. You can see the ceramic wall and the ceramic dish that appears to hover in the middle. Air comes up around the sides of the plate and pulls the vapor through.

remove the atomizer

The entire atomizer assembly pulls straight up and out of the base. That downstem on the bottom of the atomizer is for reclaim drip only. Incoming air enters above.

three part atomizer

A fully disassembled atomizer. The heater ($45) is in the middle, with the splash guard on the right. The piece on the left is the reclaim downstem. See the little holes near the top under the flange? Those are air intake holes that direct air straight up into the heater.

surprise tray underneath!

Check it out – the base has a hidden compartment! Reclaim and emergency dab storage on the left, battery cover on the right.

emergency stash and reclaim spot in the bottom tray

The two spaces on the left can hold around a gram each. The big space on the right is for reclaim to collect (that little spot is right below the atomizer downstem). With smaller dabs, all I got was a little spot on it. Must be efficient!

replaceable 18350 batteries!

You can replace the batteries! It takes two 18350 batteries – 1100mAh and 15 amps each. The manufacturer claims a 30-minute charge time with around 100 dabs per charge. They also said you can use it while it charges.

the vapor path through the glass

The glass is thick and high-quality. The vapor exits the metal splashguard before going up, down, and up again in the glass. Nice and cool.

Planet of the Vapes

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