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Lotus – a Classic, Convection, Legacy Vape

Unpacked Lotus

The Lotus is a classic artisan dry herb vaporizer that was made in the USA, until now.  Just as Lotus was clsing its doors forever, the new crew from Vapman came in and scooped them up.  Michael and David, the proud new owners of Vapman are now the proud new owners of Lotus as well, and it’s a great pairing!

While the Vapman is a conduction masterpiece, the Lotus takes a convective approach. But now both are made in Italy out of beautiful, locally sourced olive wood. Both are manually controlled, flame-powered vapes that put you in full control without a dashboard. But if you follow the instructions, you’re likely to get a great hit on the first go!

Ready for Water

Lotus on a bubbler

The Lotus is available as a water pipe vape at launch, and comes with a stainless steel 14mm adapter. That’s my original version on the bubbler in the pic above, and I don’t know if/when it will be available in a pipe version, also shown in the above picture.

Simple Manual Controls

The Lotus puts you in the driver’s seat so buckle up, and I hope you can drive a stick shift. If you follow the instructions you’re golden.

  • Set the flame length to 1/2″ and loosely fill the bowl.
  • Place the cap on the adapter, heat the center of the Lotus plate for four seconds, and start your draw.
  • Inhale while you continue to heat the middleof the plate in a circular pattern.
  • For a stronger hit, move the flame closer to the plate and slow your draw. For a weaker hit, move the flame further from the plate and speed up your draw. That’s the dance during the hit.
  • Stop heating when you stop your draw.
  • I like to come back for one or two more draws before the bowl is finished. Use the stir stick under the cap to stir the bowl between hits.

That’s it…don’t fuck it up or you could burn your herbs. But the convection hits taste great and the Lotus only cooks your herbs while you draw – efficient!


Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

Lotus on a bubbler

That’s my original Lotus on my fave glass, and another original Lotus on the Lotus pipe to the left.

Lotus pipe

Original Lotus Pipe

Lotus pipe bowl

Bowl on Lotus Pipe. Yeah, I need to clean it.

underside of lotus

Underside of the original Lotus cap

underside of heat plate

A look up the bunghole and the US Patent. Those six holes are the air intakes.

Lotus wpa and cap

Original Lotus Water Pipe Adapter on left, Cap on right

Lotus loaded on the wpa

The cap installed on the water pipe adapter

Lotus on a downstem

The 14mm water pipe adapter on a bubbler. I had to use an 18mm/14mm reducer for this glass piece.

New Lotus cork packaging

Now for the new stuff! I love the packaging!

Lotus cap in packaging

The cork opens up and the lid magnetically sticks to the side.

Lotus wpa packaging

Same with the wpa

both pieces together in packaging

Both cork packages opened up to reveal the goodies inside.

packaging with lotus to the side

Packaging on the left with the parts to the side.

Unpacked Lotus

Money shot

cap packaging interior

The cork is perfectly shaped inside for the cap. That deep groove accommodates the stir tool underneath.

wpa packaging interior

Same for the water pipe adapter.

cap from top

The new Lotus cap from above. Heat only the center of the Lotus pattern.


Here’ the new wpa. I like the handle.

wpa from top

WPA from above.

cap on wpa

That olive wood is beautiful. Here the cap is intalled and it’s ready to put on a bubbler!

underside of olive wood cap

The underside of the Lotus cap. Man, that wood’s beautiful!

olive wood closeup

Let’s take a closer look at that wood grain.

how the handle attaches to the wpa

Underside of the wpa. This is how the handle grips the wpa.

lotus logo on handle

The Lotus logo on the handle

wpa again

New water pipe adapter

a look at the orings on the wpa

Side view of o-rings on the new adapter

old and new caps

Original cap on the left, new cap on the right

underside of old and new caps

The undersides. Old cap on left, new cap on right. The older stir tool was held in with an adhesive. The new one doesn’t show any.

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