LIVE: Freight Trains & Flowerpots

Tonight is all about the heavy hitting desktop vapes, specifically the Freight Train by Old Head and the Flowerpot by Cannabis Hardware. Freight Train by … Read more

Vape FUK with Vapefiend George

Vapefiend plays Vape FUK. Better known as Forget, Update, Keep. Let’s see what George picks when he’s in the hot seat! Vapefiend Vape FUK Selections … Read more

The Banger Show

Class is in session! Tonight, Troy will be teaching Jerry how to use all kinds of banger styles. With a bunch of new quartz bangers … Read more

More Ways to Smoke Weed

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A New Era: Ball Vapes

Ball vapes are making waves in the cannabis community. While adding balls to your vape is not a brand new concept, it’s become a little … Read more

Ed’s TnT Log Vape Collection

Ed’s TnT is known for premium log vapes, Woodscents. We sat down with the man himself to check out his extensive collection of log vaporizers. … Read more

BLOOPERS: Livestream Uh-Ohs!

If you aren’t watching Think Dank LIVE on Friday nights, or even a replay over the weekend, well… surprise! These are the moments you miss. … Read more