LIVESTREAM: Deep Dive Into Mighty+, Updated Crafty+, and Onyx Volcano

You all waited patiently for us to get our hands on the all new Mighty+ so we could take it for a test drive and answer one question: is the Mighty+ worth the upgrade? We get into the nitty gritty and walk you through our analysis of the OG Mighty VS Mighty+ AND the updates … Read more

LIVESTREAM: DynaVap M 2021 Fall Color Release & the Flowerpot Ballerhead

I love nights like this! First we break out the latest Dynavap colors, and heat treat them to see what happens. Then we talk about some new Simrell products, and give away our dopest product ever – an FC E-nail by J-Cat! And we wrap it up with a full rundown on the Flowerpot Ballerhead … Read more

Troy’s First Verdonk! Unboxing Troy’s Verdamper // What books do we recommend?

Think Dank regulars have watched me get verdonked several times, and tonight is Troy’s turn! Yup…Troy got a shipment from Germany, and it’s huge. It’s a Clash of the Titans – Think Dank vs Verdamper! Everything about this vape is huge. From the shipping box to the bubbler, to the heater and the bowl, the … Read more


Wow… just yesterday Storz & Bickel dropped the mic with a Keynote address that finally spilled the beans on the Mighty+, and three other updates! All releasing this month! Hang with us as we pick apart the keynote to get every detail. The other updates S&B started with the lesser updates first, which means the … Read more

VapeXHale Evo

Tonight, April 9th, we pull out an early and influential desktop vaporizer, the VapeXHale Evo! We might even compare it live to the Volcano Hybrid, Arizer Extreme Q, Dr. Dabber Switch, and the Flowerpot. Regardless, there are lots of dabs and bowls, and some discussion on core beliefs. Have fun!