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Arizer’s been busy with two vape releases

solo 2 max and solo 3 size comparison

The Solo 3 is due out tomorrow, April 20th, but Arizer just released the Solo 2 MAX a couple months ago. We haven’t covered either vape yet on Troy and Jerry, so we’re gonna hit them both up tonight. The pic above shows how much bigger the new Solo 3 (right) is compared to the Solo 2 MAX (left). At first I thought it was too big, but it’s no bigger than the Venty and smacks like a madman!

The Solo 2 MAX won’t get a ton of attention tonight. It’s not that different from the Solo 2, and we both love the Solo 3. The Solo 2 MAX has all the firmware and internal improvements of the Air MAX, just in a Solo 2 skin. The biggest change is probably the charge port, which is now USB-C instead of a barrel port…yes! The biggest difference between the Solo 2 and Solo 2 MAX is the price, and most will probably still buy the Solo 2 until it is discontinued.

The Solo 3 – built for heavy hitters

solo 3

It feels like Arizer has listened to what the community wants with the release of the Solo 3. Many vape heads like Arizer vapor, but want something more intense. I know Troy and I do.  The Solo 3 brings the heat with a larger oven, bigger bowls, and multiple session modes. It’s a bigger vape, and feels like it!

Here are some thoughts and early impressions:

  • This vape punches like our other favorite portable, heavy hitters.
  • You can use the small bowls (same size as all other Solo stems) or the large bowls. They both cook quickly and thoroughly. The larger bowl is about twice the size of the original, and can knock you out.
  • Session mode feels like it runs a little hot by the end of the session, but you can just turn it down next time.
  • On-demand mode feels more temp-accurate, as it doesn’t heat the herbs between hits. There is still plenty of residual heat in the oven at the end of the hit, but you can cool it down quickly with a couple puffs.
  • The controls work, but are cumbersome and unintuitive. I don’t have them memorized yet, after dozens of sessions.
  • This vape recharges pretty quickly. From dead, it’s ready for a session in five minutes and is half charged in one hour. Make sure to use the brick included with the vape – it’s rated for 3 amps and anything lower will charge slowly.
  • You can use the Solo 3 while charging, but the charge won’t fill much.

Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

solo 3 oven

The Solo 3 oven is the same diameter as the Solo 2, but is about twice as deep to accommodate the larger bowl options.

solo 3 charge port

USB-C charge ports are always a welcome sight. The Solo 3 charges pretty quickly, too, with the included 3 amp charge brick.

solo 3 controls

The controls have the same shape as earlier Arizer potables, but this one has four buttons around the middle button instead of two.

solo 3 unlock screen

Power the Solo 3 on and you’re greeted by the unlock screen. You need to press three buttons in the correct order to unlock it. Don’t worry, the code is printed on the bottom of the vape for when you forget.

solo 3 bottom

The bottom of the Solo 3. The top line is the unlock code. It’s pretty simple…left, up, right. You can even drag your finger across the top arc of the circle to input it once you get good at it.

solo 3 combo

Now it’s unlocked!

solo 3 on demand

Now we can vape! The first choice is to pick between Session and On-demand modes. Highlight your choice and press the middle button.

solo 3 on demand temp scale

On-demand mode has five temps, indicated by Roman numerals under the vertical scale. When you press the Up botton, the heater starts and the scale climbs to the top by turning yellow. Once it reaches the top, it’s time to vape while the scale falls back down again until it turns off.

solo 3 session

If you choose Session mode, this scale appears. Adjust the temp with the up and down buttons, and press the middle button to start the session.

stem bowl size comparison

The Solo 3 comes with four stems. Two have regular sized bowls (top) and two have jumbo bowls (bottom) that are twice as big. You can tell which size I like! You get a straight stem and a Water Pipe Adapter for each size.

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about Snowtill Organics or the the new Arizer vapes? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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