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Snowtill’s Grumpy Tiger will power the evening!

Jealousy x Runtz 10

By now you guys probably know how we feel about Snowtill’s flower. Every time we sample, we find a new best strain! Jealousy x Runtz killed us last time, and tonight we hammer home a new strain – Grumpy Tiger.  I’m holding off until the livestream, but the nose test reveals a lot of fruit with some gas…gimme!

Updated Vapman with the latest Vapman Station

The whole kit

The Vapman is typically powered by a small torch lighter, but the Vapman Station gives a more controlled session. If you want consistency with your Vapman, or just want a chill way to heat it up at your desk throughout the day, this thing gets it done.  Out of the gate, the only color choice is olive green, and it sparkles. The design is the same as the original Station, but improved internals all around.

New Vapman details:

  • The mouthpiece screen is easier to take off. It uses pins instead of screws.
  • Intercooler in the mouthpiece for cooler vapor.
  • The metal mouthpiece bumps up to the metal inlay under the screen so there is no wood in the vapor path.
  • The airhole is bigger and easy to control with one finger – yes!!
  • Several small changes that make it more durable if you drop it.
  • Mica doesn’t fray as easily.
  • Updated silhouette.

Vapman Station deets:

  • When the light turns solid, the Vapman is heated and ready.
  • It will continue to heat soak if you leave it on the Station.
  • Concentrate use – set the Station to 9 and let the Vapman heat soak for five seconds after it’s ready.
  • Reheat for stronger hits.
  • Excels with lighter styles and lower temps. The owners sip this thing on 3 all day long.
  • The Station wasn’t designed for massive sessions but, of course, Troy found a way!
  • This “Italian” Station is only comaptible with Italian Vapmans. It won’t mate with your older Vapmans that were made in Switzerland (or before David and Michael bought the company).


Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

station and egg

The new Vapman Station on the left, with the Vapman in its egg on the right.

bud closeup 1

The egg holds the Vapman, concentrate screen (sieve), and loading funnel.

The whole kit

Same shot, different place. I love outside lighting!

Jealousy x Runtz 10

We’re vaping Snowtill tonight!

the twist injector

The new Vapman has improved airflow control with this big hole on one side instead of three little holes all around the stem. This works great, like a DynaVap airport.

on a bubbler

Analog controls for the Vapman Station. Dial it up from one to nine. The light above the dial indicates readiness.

bowl closeup

The back of the Vapman Station has an on/off toggle switch and a barrel port for the power plug.

bowl exploded

A little closer look at the backside power elements.

the scoop

My plug is white. Plug it in and pack up a Vapman!


The new Vapman silhouette is taller and thinner than older versions.

Jealousy x Runtz 8

Twist off the top mouthpiece to reveal the bowl below.

M7 XL mouthpiece facets

A look straight down into the bowl.

Jealousy x Runtz 8

Here’s a look at the bottom of the bowl. It’s held into place by three little tubes that also serve as the air intake.

M7 XL mouthpiece facets

The mouthpiece by itself. Those little pins on the sides clip it into place on top of the bowl.

injector exploded

The bottom of the mouthpiece is covered by a stamped metal screen that Vapman calls the filter. This keeps the herbs in the bowl instead of flying up through the mouthpiece.

naked injector

The metal mouthpiece pulls out from the top of the bottom wooden half, and has a spiral intercooler in it to cool the vapor!

injector top

The three pieces laid in order and ready to assemble.


The screen is now held in place by pins. Now we don’t have to find a screwdriver to clean or replace the mouthpiece screen!

2-piece injector

Under the screen, inside the wood mouthpiece is a stainless steel inlay that, with the metal mouthpiece, creates a complete stainless steel vapor path, instead of wood. 

heat exchagner

Place the concentrate screen in the bowl and put your extracts on top for more potent sessions. You can even put some herbs below it for a mini-twax!

heat exchanger exploded

For dry herbs, skip the mess and use the loading funnel.

air path

Herbs are loaded and ready. This be a microdose in my book! Remove the funnel…

heat exchanger exploded

Twist the mouthpiece on and you’re ready for the Station!

Jealousy x Runtz 9

The Vapman owners keep it low and terpy, and the temperature is always between 3 and 7. I’m always above 7 with a heat soak for more punch!

heat exchanger exploded

Looking down into the Station, that little metal seat is where you will put theVapman, right-side-up.

Jealousy x Runtz 7

See how that seat is the perfect shape to accept the Vapman bowl? Just set it down on top and turn it into place.

heat exchanger exploded

This is how it looks when you set the Vapman on the Station but it isn’t in place yet.

air path

Just turn it a little bit in either direction and it will fall a few millimeters into place. Now it’s ready to heat up and hit!

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about Snowtill Organics or the the new Vapman and Station? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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