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Mostly cosmetic changes to the new Herbalizer


The Herbalizer (save $50 with code “troyandjerry”) is back, baby! This beast of a feature-filled vape hit the scene nearly ten years ago, but disappeared amidst a bunch of business squabbles just a few years later. Now that the fighting is over, this vape is ready to make another run at your wallet, for a paltry $699!

The Herbalizer‘s space age design (by a former NASA engineer) was waaaay ahead of everything when it first came out. When I look hard at it today, it still stands out for some good reasons. It has a 30-second max heat-up time and a full convection heater with incredible accuracy. It has bags and a whip. It’s also stylish and looks good on the coffee table. If you’re a whip user, everything closes up insde the clamshell – now I dont have to find a place to put my whip!

Some things have changed since the early edition. The color is now white instead of grey. While the guts and vapor are identical, aromatherapy mode and the Mezzanine are gone. The Mezzanine held some accessories, while aromatherapy mode could make the room smell nice after you left. I think I was the only person that used them, so you probably won’t miss them at all.

The downside is the price. $700 is a ton for a vape. That’s full retail for a Volcano Hybrid, the Herbalizer’s closest competitor. It’s unique, and has features other vapes don’t, so it’s worth it if you value those things.

Here’s a quick list of features and talking points:

  • Bag or whip delivery
  • Under 30-second heat up time
  • 4 preset temperatures and precise digital temperature controls
  • Halogen bulb heater
  • Three temperature sensors throughout the air path, including one under the bowl for incredible accuracy
  • 16-bit 32 megahertz processor – this thing’s computer is powerful enough play Sega Genesis games!
  • Medical build – it’s NOT medically certified, but it’s built to be.
  • 30-minute shut-off timer
  • Will turn off if tilted more than 30 degrees (like a fall)
  • 3-year warranty upon registration
  • Made in the USA

Tips from the vault

Herbalizer old and new

I used that grey Herbalizer above for years as my daily driver, so I’m fond of this vape. The herbal flavors are fantastic! I hadn’t used it seriously in over five years, as my use revolves around what I review at the time, so this was a fond reunion for me!

I used to vape whole nugs in this vape and got some crazy cloudage for back then. I say “back then” because this vape was one of the hardest hitters available at the time, and it still holds up against the market today, except for ball vapes. This is a session vape, not a one-and-done ball vape.

Here are some tips and such that I quickly remembered as I got into it!

  • This is a full convection vape, so the bowl will cook more evenly with a stir during the session. It can get messy if you open the bowl up, so I like to just shake the bowl between hits. Even if you pack it full, this can still be effective as the herbs dry up and shrink during a session.
  • Less is more. I’m always surprised at the amount of vapor I get from a smaller load.
  • Nugs work great if you’re willing to pull out the nug after a couple hits, crush it up and put it back in.
  • When the upper bowl screen gets too dirty and performance drops, don’t soak the screen! Switch it for the bottom bowl screen, so the dirty screen is in the bottom of the bowl and the cleaner one is in the top. Turn on the fan and blow up a bag, or just blow the reclaim vapor into the atmoshphere. This will clean your screen, and you won’t have to soak it as often.
  • If you use it for an extended session at high temps, the whip can get a little soft and bend over and kink at the bowl. I cut a three-inch piece of hose from one of my other whip vapes, and fed the smaller Herbalizer whip through it to hold the whip up when it got soft.
  • The whip is porous and after a lot of use the oils can seep through to the outside and make it sticky.  Use an alcohol pad to wipe down the outside and get it off.
  • The lid turns the power on and off when you open and shut it. But you can also turn it on and off with the heat button by holding it in for a second.
  • You can do manual Superbags with this vape! In fact, I did this regularly long before Storz & Bickel made the programming for their Volcano Hybrid. Just set the temp, turn on the fan, and immediately turn the temperature up. It responds so quickly that it gets ahead of the slower bag fill fan.
  • The temperature doesn’t drop as quickly as it rises. If you want to immediately drop the temp, take the bowl off and blow into the unit on the halogen bulb below. Instant cool down!
  • The green bag mouthpiece is simple. Squeeze it together to open it up, and let go to close it up. Unless this part was improved, the vapor may leak slowly from the mouthpiece. It’s not much, but can be hard on my OCD!
  • The power cord is nice and long.
  • Taste is great and the heat up time is like lightning.
  • Check out the messages on start-up. They are different and rotate, and can even set the mood.

Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

Herbalizer box

The Herbalizer arrives in a stealthy, plain cardboard travel case. Keep it discreet or give it flair…it’s up to you.

Herbalizer box lid open

The Herbalizer is nestled between two big foam protectors.

Herbalizer accessories in box

Underneath are the accessories – power cord, 2 bags, one whip, the bowl, concentrate pads and some cleaning items.


Here it is out of the box for the first time! It’s very inconspicuous and easy to leave out in the open.

Herbalizer rear

The backside where the removable power cord plugs in.

Herbalizer bottom

Here’s the underside – ventilation and some non-slip pads.

Herbalizer opened

Flip open the lid for the first time. It normally powers on when you open the lid, but I have it unplugged here.

Herbalizer open up

A closer look. The trench along the perimeter is for whip storage. The round circle is where the magnetic bowl goes.

Herbalizer bowl

Speaking of the bowl, here it is. Two halves with silicone grips on the outside because it gets hot!

Herbalizer bowl upside down

Bunghole shot! This is the underside of the bowl. The outer ring is the magnetic connection to the base unit. The bowl interior is lined with stainless steel.

Herbalizer bowl apart

Twist the top off the bowl and you have two halves.

Herbalizer bowl look down

Let’s look inside the bowl.

Herbalizer bowl exploded

All the bowl parts – two halves, two grips, two screens.

Herbalizer open with whip and bowl in place

This is how the Herbalizer normally looks when you open it up with the bowl and whip in place.

Herbalizer ready with whip

Press the plastic end of the whip into the top of the bowl until it is snug.

Herbalizer mouthpiece

The metal mouthpiece has a nice feel and can even cool the vapor a little mroe.

Herbalizer bag unrolled

If you want a bag session, take one out of its box and unroll it.

Herbalizer bag on the unit

Press the bag onto the nozzle at the top of the bowl and turn on the fan.

Herbalizer greeting

When you first open up the Herbalizer it will display a cute phrase that rotates. Most of them were from community submissions to win a contest.

Herbalizer screen

Then you get the Herbalizer splash screen…

Herbalizer at 290F

…before its ready to go. It heats up immediately, and out of the box it is set to 290F. 

Herbalizer old and new

New Herbalizer on the left, old on the right. The color is now white.

Herbalizer old and new open

New and old side-by-side. Herbalizer confimed that the guts are identical. The only changes from the old unit were either cosmetic, or to remove features most people didn’t use. You can see the left button is different because there is no more “aromatherapy” mode. I guess I was one of the few that liked it.

Herbalizer old and new with mezzanine highlighted

The Mezzanine is also gone. It was a hidden shelf inside the top of the clamshell that held accessories like a brush, concentrate pads, some essential oil, a stash box and a credit card grinder. It was also necessary for aromatherapy mode.

Tell us what you think!

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