You know that feeling when you know where something was but you go to look for it and it just isn’t there? Us too. Planet of the Vapes likely made you feel that way the last time you were searching for a dab device on their site. Here’s what happened…

This video is from our May 6, 2022 livestream. Watch the full video here.

Just like you, when the PACT Act was passed, Planet of the Vapes wasn’t sure what they would be able to successfully ship to customers. As one of the big companies in this space, POTV treaded carefully and also set a precedent for other companies who were worried about shipping.

After careful consideration for what these new regulations meant for vaporizer companies, POTV decided to remove devices made for use with concentrates from the US site. However, the Canadian website still has these products available.

Until further notice, and/or a change in the PACT Act and how it is regulated occurs, you will only be able to find vaporizers made for dry herb on Planet of the Vapes.

If you have any more questions, or you wish to get more engaged with others who vaporize their herbs, you are welcome to join the 420vapezone Discord. We have a friendly community of weed vape enthusiasts who enjoy vaping together and engage in discussions of all kinds. Cheers, and happy vaping!

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