Volcano Onyx Release: Should You Get a Classic or Hybrid?

If you held out this long on getting a Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer because you didn’t like how it looked, you’re screwed now! These Onyx Volcanoes look amazing. Most manufacturers start with black and add colors later, but not S&B. I can honestly say I’ve never been this excited about black as a color … Read more

Mighty Showdown: Mighty+ vs OG Mighty Vape

The Mighty+ is easily the most hyped vaporizer release of the year. Prior to its release, even the idea of a potential Mighty vape update was often the most cited reason for not buying the Mighty. People were scared of buying the #1 portable vape and having it become the #2 portable vape. Mighty owners … Read more

Flowerpot BALLER HEAD: Newest Ball Vape is Cannabis Hardware’s HARDEST HITTING HERB VAPE

We predicted way back in June of 2020 that balls will be the future of the next generation’s best vapes. Today the dry herb cannabis vape market is blossoming with ripe and righteous heavy-hitting vaporizers powered by – you guessed it – BALLS. Cannabis Hardware, maker of the legendary Flowerpot desktop vape, has introduced a … Read more

New Simrell Product Drop Sneak Peak!

Simrell’s been busy, and a lot’s about to drop! Check out three new products up close: the Master Key with optional FOB, the Performance Kit, and the Pedestal. Thanks again to the Simrell Collection for sponsoring the show! The Master Key The Master Key is like an all-in-one tool for anything you want to do … Read more

LIVESTREAM: Deep Dive Into Mighty+, Updated Crafty+, and Onyx Volcano

You all waited patiently for us to get our hands on the all new Mighty+ so we could take it for a test drive and answer one question: is the Mighty+ worth the upgrade? We get into the nitty gritty and walk you through our analysis of the OG Mighty VS Mighty+ AND the updates … Read more

CROSSING STREAMS // One More Bowl x Think Dank

I’m pretty sure someone has warned us about crossing the streams, but we’ve never been one to abide by the rules. Monk, Brian, and Blake joined in for an epic ThinkDank sesh. Major One More Bowl Update After two seasons, totaling 40 episodes (nearly a year of OMB!), we took the opportunity while a few … Read more