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The Phase3 ZX is pure ceramic and rubies

The kit

Phase3 as a company hits a sweet spot with me – a small startup run by a vapor enthusiast trying to perfect a specific experience. In this case – maximizing taste and efficiency for a ball vape. Check out the talking points for the ZX Plug & Play bundle:

  • Pure and durable vapor path with a zirconia ceramic bowl and heater head
  • 3mm lab cultured rubies
  • 3-4 minute heat up time
  • quickly responds to temperature changes (not easy with a ball heat exchanger)
  • efficient 14mm configuration – big hits from little loads
  • ZXB (larger bowl) coming soon
  • small profile

Early impressions

ZX on a bubbler 2

If you’re looking for a ball vape on a budget, but don’t want to assemble it yourself or hunt for parts online, this is it. The pre-order sale price is just $200 including the PID controller! All you need is a 14mm bubbler. We’ll dive deeper in the livetream, but here are some initial thoughts:

  • This thing is tiny! It reminds me of the pinky, except this one is ready to go.
  • No doubt the taste is pure. Grab your best flowers!
  • The ceramic bowl and heater go well together and create a really low profile for such big vapor. The o-rings on the outside of the bowl are the “handle”.
  • The ceramic bowl doesn’t hold much, so you’re forced to give the high-efficiency bowl-size a go. It smacks!
  • I’d like a handle on the heater, but it would have to be small to go with the little heater head.
  • The glass bowl holds more herbs than the ceramic, but I didn’t like it much. The heater fit is good but not perfect, and the bowl screen doesn’t hold in place.

Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

The kit

The kit…Heater head and coil, metal stand, ceramic bowl, and glass bowl. The pre-order also comes with a PID controller for just $200 – that’s a great deal!

ZX on a bubbler 2

The ZX Plug & Play bundle on a matrix-style bubbler.

ZX on a bubbler 1

Same shot from a different angle.

heater closeup

Closeup of the heater head.

top o the heater to ya!

Top of the heater. You can see a little ruby red through the screen.

bunghole shot

Bottom of the heater bunghole shot! The rubies shine through the screen a little bit.

look down into the bowl

Looking down into the bowl.

ceramic bowl with orings to the side

The two o-rings around the bowl serve as a handle to avoid burns. They just slide off.

heater on bowl

Closeup of the bowl and heater on a bubbler.

glass bowl

The glass bowl holds more weed, but the screen comes out easily. I had to reseat it after each bowl or stir.

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