Videos featured in this post are from the November 3rd livestream. Watch the full stream here.

The DynaVap WoodWynd is all new, everywhere!

The Woodwynd

The latest vape from DynaVap is both old and new. The double crown stem is a throwback to the Ti-Woody from 2016, just when collectors have started to hunt for the originals. The new model has a gorgeous hourglass design and is made of Padauk wood. A closer look shows. alot of innovation. Check this out:

  • Padauk stem with hourglass shape
  • Stainless steel double crowns (longer than the original) for durability
  • Crowns partially line the interior and go 14mm deep on short end, and 19mm deep on long end
  • Message on the interior of the crowns
  • Counter-intuitively, the wood is thicker at the hourglass shape
  • Twisted titanium mouthpiece
  • Helix tip included!
  • Perfectly balanced at the midsection
  • Condenser tube without o-rings – just clicks into the mouthpiece
  • Spiral-grooved condenser tube
  • New CCD screen with a new pattern. Better? Worse? Who knows? But it has a different pattern.
  • Mouthpiece can be used to set the screen at full and half bowl depths

A new addition to the top end of the lineup

group shot 1

The WoodWynd will cost you $149 on the DynaVap website. Turns out there is a vacant slot at that price point in the DynaVap lineup. I lined them all up for you in the pic above from left to right, cheapest to most expensive. Here are some quick thoughts on each one:

  • The B ($49) – Believe it or not, this is my current fave stem. The silicone is in the air path, not the vapor path, and I don’t taste it. And it’s the most functional stem they make – easy to use, doesn’t roll on its side, lays with the tip up so it doesn’t touch anything, mates with 10mm glass, and doesn’t transfer heat from the tip. I can vape non-stop with this one and never feel the heat.
  • BB3 / BB6 ($70-$75) – This used to be the cheapest entry into the Dynaverse before the B. Mates with 10mm glass and cools the vapor natively better than you’d think. Put it on j-hook!
  • The “M” Plus ($89) – This one debuted the Heat Here Hemispheres. Heat it up on the neck for massive hits!
  • Titanium M Plus ($119) – The first titanium M! Super lightweight and gorgeous. It gets hotter than the other stems, but also cools down quickly.
  • WoodWynd ($149) – A throwback to the old days, in style! It’s a sexy vape that feels like it’s gonna grow on me.
  • VonG ($135-$160) – This little tank was made for the bong! Mates with 14mm glass and has a spinning body that adjusts the airflow on the fly.
  • Omni ($199) – The top of line, classy as fuck, show off vapcap. Whether silver or one of the colors, it’s a show stopper!
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Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

The Woodwynd

The DynaVap WoodWynd is the first vapcap to come with the new Helix tip! From the tip to the body to the mouthpiece, each part has it’s own character that melts into a single, stunning piece.

standing on tip

I love how the twists in the Helix tip seem to continue down on the mouthpiece.

Woodwynd standing on mouthpiece

The WoodWynd is perfectly balanced at the hourglass center. You can balance it on your finger at the airport in the center.

helix tip

A closeup of the Helix tip. The gold color is scratch resistant.

that body

The Double Crowns (metal caps on the ends of the stem) are a throwback to early days, but are thicker on this model. The stems interior is thicker at the hourglass shape so the wood doesn’t have a weak point.

mouthpiece installed

This mouthpiece is dope! It’s not rough on the lips, despite its look.

the parts

Parts list: cap, Helix tip, WoodWynd stem, condenser tube, and the mouthpiece. All parts are titanium except the cap and the double crowns on the stem.

hourglass wood stem

The stem should be strong and stylish for a long time.

lettering inside the crown

Inside the stem, on both ends, DynaVap declares this to be a Thermal Extraction Device designed for flavor enthusiasts!

intercooler installed on mouthpiece

The condenser tube installed in the mouthpiece.

intercooler design

Remove the metal splashguard to load the atomizer. It can stick to one of the four magnets on the base while you load it up. The four straight grooves are the air intakes.

intercooler tip

The end that slides into the mouthpiece has three slots in it. Over time, the tube might loosen, and you just have to spread this end enough to grab again.


The twisted tinanium mouthpiece.

group shot 3

Here’s the current DynaVap lineup. From left to right (also least to most expensive): B, BB3, M+, TitaniuM, WoodWynd, VonG, and Omni.

group shot 2

A closer shot of the lineup.

group shot 1

And why not another shot from an angle a little above!

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