Volcano Onyx Release: Should You Get a Classic or Hybrid?

If you held out this long on getting a Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer because you didn’t like how it looked, you’re screwed now! These Onyx Volcanoes look amazing. Most manufacturers start with black and add colors later, but not S&B. I can honestly say I’ve never been this excited about black as a color … Read more

New Simrell Product Drop Sneak Peak!

Simrell’s been busy, and a lot’s about to drop! Check out three new products up close: the Master Key with optional FOB, the Performance Kit, and the Pedestal. Thanks again to the Simrell Collection for sponsoring the show! The Master Key The Master Key is like an all-in-one tool for anything you want to do … Read more

LIVESTREAM: DynaVap M 2021 Fall Color Release & the Flowerpot Ballerhead

I love nights like this! First we break out the latest Dynavap colors, and heat treat them to see what happens. Then we talk about some new Simrell products, and give away our dopest product ever – an FC E-nail by J-Cat! And we wrap it up with a full rundown on the Flowerpot Ballerhead … Read more

Artisan Butane Vapes

If you like flame-powered artisan wood vapes, you’re in luck! In this video Troy breaks out his monster collection of hot wood. Grab your favorite torch and heat along with us! We start out with the easiest artisan vapes to acquire – Sticky Bricks! This company has brought small batch artistry to the masses with … Read more

Lamart Artisan Vaporizers

One of our favorite artisan vape makers is Lamart, out of Switzerland. Lamart is a very small shop with multiple vape designs, and all of them can rip your face off! They’re made in small batches, and wait times are typical, so get in line and put your patient pants on. The Tubo Evic Most … Read more

Troy’s First Verdonk! Unboxing Troy’s Verdamper // What books do we recommend?

Think Dank regulars have watched me get verdonked several times, and tonight is Troy’s turn! Yup…Troy got a shipment from Germany, and it’s huge. It’s a Clash of the Titans – Think Dank vs Verdamper! Everything about this vape is huge. From the shipping box to the bubbler, to the heater and the bowl, the … Read more

The Ultimate “Is the Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer Worth It?” Post

We have all you need to know about the Mighty dry herb vaporizer right here. Forget searching youtube for multiple takes and alternatives. We break it down for you in three short videos. First we’ll tell you why the Mighty’s worth it. Then we tell you why you don’t need a Mighty. Finally, we tell … Read more