The Boundless CFX+ Dry Herb Vape

***Youtube banned us until Saturday, May 28th. So catch our livestream this Friday on Twitch or here on Troy and Jerry. Spread the word!*** We … Read more

MiniNail Sponsors the Think Dank!

I can’t tell you how stoked we are to have MiniNail sponsor the Troy and Jerry Think Dank! I’ve been obsessed ever since I got my Mininail. It’s dope as fuck, hits like a champ, and built to last.

The Core 2.0 E-rig

The latest budget e-rig is from ShenZhen Crossing, and it packs a punch. The Core 2.0 is priced under $200 but comes with a high … Read more

New Simrell Product Drop Sneak Peak!

Simrell’s been busy, and a lot’s about to drop! Check out three new products up close: the Master Key with optional FOB, the Performance Kit, … Read more