Troy and I have been waiting on this one for a while! The Dab-Ready was already attractive with wireless dabs and insane quality. But with the addition of the Terp Hammer, a wireless ball vape, it’s easily what we reach for at home! That’s right, one vape to crush flower or concentrates, and you won’t trip over a wire. Grab your best flower, pack one up, and join us as we go over the deets and go for a test drive. 

Excellent wireless dabs…

You’ve probably heard us talk before about how nothing touches a torch/banger setup, but the Dab-Ready comes close enough to slide into our most used spot. A terp slurper still hits harder with stronger taste, but it’s not good enough to outweight the convenience of the Dab-Ready. Just drop the banger in the heater coil, and by the time you get your dab ready it’s hot enough to hit. Remove it from the coil, put it on your banger, and go to town.

Terp-Ready spotlight

I like how controlled the hit is. I know the exact temp of the banger, and it’s not going to get any hotter while I dab. In fact, it cools enough to preserve flavor, but not so much that you get a weak dab. The banger that comes with it has two angled air inlets that swirl the oil around for a more efficient dab.

…and lung busting flower hits

The Terp Hammer is the shit! It hits like the Freight Train Pro, but without the wire. I can crush a bowl with several hits and take my time without a reheat – I don’t, but I can. I typically put the hammer back on the heater while I stir and tend to the bowl, but it’s not needed.

The Hammer heateth!

The Hammer is ready in a few minutes, but I like to give it a full heat soak for an extra 10 to 20 minutes before I go hard on it. In fact, it’s usually on all day and ready to go in an instant. I leave the Hammer in the heater, and only take it out to heat up the banger for dabs. It’s a great way to blow massive hits from anything you’ve got, in no time.

Big time airflow

We recently covered the Vapbong, which is the king of wide open airflow, but the Terp-Ready is more than open enough for any style hit. With my slower pace, the low resistance doesn’t pressure my lungs and chest at all. A lot goes into this detail – ball size, number of balls, and all those holes you see in the pic below.

Down the Terp Hammer bunghole

Above is a look right down the bunghole as the Terp Hammer heats on the station. 

A station with room for everything

Old Head has a station/stand for the Terp-Ready with drilled holes that fit the banger, marble carb cap, cotton swabs, a scoop, dab tool and brush. It also provides a little support should you bump into the tower. I love it. There is only one wire (a power cord) that runs from the back. And with a spot for everything I need, all the tools are organized and in their place.

Terp-Ready with my glass rig

End game vape

This is the first vape to come along and nail both flower and dab sessions in a way that satisfies hard core users like Troy and me. There have been a few decent attempts, but the Terp-Ready hits almost as hard as my strongest alternatives, and does it with a massive leap in convenience. For years I’ve had to wag separate flower and dab rigs around the house to keep the quality top notch, but now I have just one to crush both.

Not surprising given the maker. Brian at Old Head is a dab-head himself and made my favorite ball vape before the Terp Hammer. It makes all the difference when the manufacturer uses their own product. Grab your Terp-Ready at Old Head, and use code “troytime” to save 10%!

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