Tonight is all about the heavy hitting desktop vapes, specifically the Freight Train by Old Head and the Flowerpot by Cannabis Hardware.

Freight Train by Old Head

The Freight Train, released earlier this summer (June 17th to be exact), has won Troy’s reach test since he got it in hand. However, a well timed 7/10 release brought consumers an even newer version: the Freight Train with a Fusion Engine.

The Fusion Engine works just as the flower engine does, with the additional ability to infuse essential oils into your thermal extractions.

– Old Head Trading Company

Troy’s official review is still in the works, but you can read all about his initial thoughts on the updated Fusion Engine here.

FlowerPot by Cannabis Hardware

With several iterations out already (B-0, B-1, and B-2), the FlowerPot is another desktop vape that dominated Troy’s reach test. If you’re wondering what the difference is, here’s the breakdown:

  • B-2: Our most powerful and hardest hitting head (Flower & Concentrates)
  • B-1: Our fastest and airiest head (Flower only)
  • B-0: Entry level powerhouse (Flower only)

As the budget offering from Cannabis Hardware, the B-ZERO is a great entry into the quickly developed world of ball vapes. For those looking to use concentrates, we recommend the B-2.

Don’t forget to use code “troytime” at Cannabis Hardware. For more in-depth coverage of the FlowerPot, visit

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