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We were busy this year – what stuck around?

It’s been quite a year for vapes, in particular ball vapes! There were so many released this year that it now has its own category, with a new way to vape and bigger expectations. Surprisingly, our desks are now home to an all new set of vapes that came out this year. Everything has been replaced with new “reach test” champs!

Desktops went cordless

Cordless desktop vapes changed everything so much that Troy and I both have new desktops without all the pesky wires! The Dab-Ready came out earlier this year and never left. The banger and Terp Hammer hit incredibly well and are so easy to use and share. 

The other cordless contender is the Cannabis Hardware ZenLeaf Collection. Lots of options for wireless vapes that all have baller attitudes! They might be the best looking vapes on the planet right now. They came out at the end of the year, so we still don’t know which cordless desktop comes out on top, but they’re both winners.

Footnote – the Herborizer made it back to my desk after a long hiatus for ball vape tests. It’s still my favorite flavor chaser. I save the ball vapes for face-smashing sessions.

A great year for portable vapes

Some amazing portable vapes came out this year that have become our new standards for personal use, and a couple new accessories for the TinyMight 2 made that vape a bubbler champ.

The POTV Lobo is still on my desk for its style, function and potent hits.  I had a great time working on this vape’s development, and it is optimized for bong hits. It’s affordable and strong enough to convert smokers!

The S&B Venty came out late this year, but immediately took over. It heats up fast, hits like the Mighty+, and has an easy draw that will change the industry. This one is still on both our desks and gets a lot of use.

Finally, the Tempest is always within reach. Combine a ball vape with DynaVap ease of use – yes, please! It’s still in beta, so don’t look for it until around March of 2024. But be ready when it is. You will want this thing!

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