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Camouflet Injector and Convector XL!

Camouflet toys

We have some more Camouflet (code “troyandjerry” will get you 10% off) toys to play with tonight! These guys just keep making more things to vape with the Inductor. In the pic above, on the left is the original Convector that we have shown before. In the middle we have the Convector XL, which is HUGE compared to the original…me likey! On the right is an amazing new toy, the Injector. I haven’t dialed this one in yet, so we may dab tonight as I play on the edge of fire. Regardless, all this stuff is fly and works with the same induction heater!

Zone Opto hi-tech 510 battery

Zone Opto

We haven’t covered any vape pens on the stream, but we’ve had plenty of dabs. Bottom line, carts are harsher and less effective for me than dabs or heavy hitting portable herb vapes. But I still use them when I have to go somewhere through a security check. Soooooo, enter the Zone Opto. It’s more than your standard pen battery.

This battery communicates differently, with three heat profiles, a pre-heat mode, and a battery meter that actually means something. Forget a battery that’s 2/5 full, the Zone Opto tells us how many puffs we can get before we need to charge. Now that’s useful! It also comes with a cover to keep the pocket lint out of the mouthpiece –  nice. Whether you want one or not, it’s nice to see innovation and new features in a vape pen!

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

Camouflet Injector 2

This is the entire Injector. Just heat it, put it on your favorite ballvap injector bowl, and go to town! Wireless to a new level…

Camouflet Injector 1

That little circle is where you touch it to the Inductor. Several seconds later it’s ready to vape!

Camouflet Injector top

A look down into the top of the Injector heater screen.

Camouflet Injector bunghole

And from the other end – finally a proper bunghole shot! It’s been a while!

Camouflet bowl size comparison 1

The Convector XL looks to hold at least twice what the original does! Yes, I have been working hard, and they will be clean by the stream.

Camouflet bowl size comparison 3

Another size comparison shot. The XL literally swallows the original whole.

camouflet condenser tubes

My XL only came with the four hole condenser tube. The original had another option – one big hole.

Zone Opto on charger

The Zone Opto on its charger. This shit is hi-tech for a pen battery!

Zone Opto bottom

The bottom of the opto – two magnets and two charge points to connect to the charge stand. Or skip the stand and go directly to USB-C.

Zone Opto charger

Here’s another shot of the charge stand. The USB-C cable plugs in from the back.

Go heater

A closeup of the 510 connection. Screw your carts on here.

Zone Opto flavor mode

The screen in Flavor Mode (orange slice). The battery meter shows how many puffs are left, and the bottom shows how many puffs taken so far. Looks like I’m about half way through this battery on Flavor Mode.

Zone Opto zone mode

Zone Mode, which is the balanced profile. It knows that I can only take 41 puffs on this level, not 51 like with Flavor mode above.

Zone Opto vapor mode

Vapor Mode is the strongest profile. I can only take 31 more puffs at this temp. I really like this kind of battery life indicator. Let’s see if it works to the end (I haven’t run the battery dry yet).

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a comment baout the Camouflet playground or the Zone Opto? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think!

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