In this episode, we break down the hottest new convection portable vape to hit the scene, and dig into stoner stigmas! Get ready for some big rips and deep reflections.

The Bowle

If you’ve kept up with us over the last year, the Bowle isn’t new to you. Jerry has tested it for a year and a half, and Troy has beaten his up for the better part a year. But what makes this vape special? And why would Jerry say it’s one of his favorite portables even before its release?

Sweet convection, on-demand hits

Quite simply, the Bowle succeeds where others have failed. On-demand convection is notoriously hard to get right, and we’ve yet to see a vape nail it – easy, consistent, and delightful. Most of the time they struggle with different draw speeds, and can char the load if you don’t pay attention to the dance. If you get one that works, it takes some finesse. But not with the Bowle. Its easy, consistent, on-demand convection hits taste great.

What’s with the cup?

The cup isn’t a gimmick. It’s meant to normalize vaping into the real world. It blends in seamlessly, whether it hides in plain sight, or does its duty unnoticed during a deep conversation. Think about it – what do you always do no matter where you go? Drink (and vape)! Now you can do both from one thing, and they blend into your routine without thinking about it.

At the end of the day, people either get the cup, or they don’t. But don’t get distracted by it…there’s a world class vaporizer here you don’t want to miss.

Medically certified

During development, the Bowle underwent testing for medical certification, and was recently approved. That can only be said of two other vaporizers on the market. The medically certified version will be available through medical channels. The retail version isn’t medically certified, but is manufactured to the same specifications. The retail version has pass through charging. You can feel good about this one.

Stellar team

What first drew me to this vape was the team assembled behind it. Dr. Arno Hazekamp performed the medical testing – the same person who did the medical testing for the Storz & Bickel vapes. The heater was designed by Jorge Fernandez, the maker of the Minivap, and one of the best vaporizer engineers I’ve ever come across. When I saw these guys behind this vape, I got excited. And it didn’t disappoint!

Battery life

The Bowle’s battery life is average when compared to other convection portables, and a little short when compared to other heating styles like conduction and hybrid vapes. Most get three to five loads on one charge, with low-temp users getting a couple more. The battery drain has been configured for a longer lifetime, so it needs a recharge when it still has about 20% capacity. This keeps the cells from draining past the point of damage.

A pretty penny

The price tag on this thing is serious, but fits the market placement. Expect to pay $400 on average, depending on what configuration you get. It’s available in short and tall sizes, and even without the cup. Plenty of cool accessories are already on the drawing board, so plan to dish out some more money for an upgrade down the road.

A new company

The real risk to buying a Bowle is the company’s age. Tafee is brand new, and this is their flagship model. Early results look good. The first batch of production units has been well received with very little problem. But it will take a year or two to know if the company can stick around.

The good news is we’ve met with the owner, and love the vibe. He’s a modest man with big ambitions, who puts the customer experience front and center. The simple fact that he has delayed production until everything was perfect, without pressure from outside financing, says a lot bout the company’s current standing.

Stoner stigmas!

We’re all well aware of these. Whether it’s something funny like the lazy, stupid stoner, or something with a darker side, they need to be discussed. We look back at a lifetime of stereotypes, and forward to what’s ahead. Join us for a good time!