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It’s Like a Silent, Convection VapCap

SS and Ti Convectors with packaging tubes

Camouflet’s Convector gets its name from it’s heater, designed to be full convection. Heat it up just like you would any vapcap. I used a DynaVap Apollo 2 Induction Heater with it exclusively for its consistency – it heats the same every time. The main difference between this and a DynaVap is the lack of a click. I would say the convection hits are really different, too, but maybe not so much compared to the Helix tip. We’ll compare those tonight on the livestream to find out!

The Convector is a manual dry herb vape experience that works really well for those that like to ride past the click on the Vapcaps. If you don’t have an induction heater that flashes as it heats (like the Ispire Wand), you’ll need to keep a count rolling in your head so you don’t overheat it and burn your herbs.

The Convcector is available in stainless steel or titanium (titanium on the right in the pic above), and the heat is definitely convective. The abv comes out light most of the time, and it’s pretty forgiving if you overheat it, since most of the cook is during your draw.

The Induction Ecosystem


Check out this heating station that’s in beta! It has a detachable workspace, power controller, and an induction heater that doesn’t work like all the others.

Camouflet has figured out how to make an induction zone that isn’t a typical induction coil. Instead of sticking your vape into a hole to heat up, they have a zone that you can just put the vape in to heat it up. Press the heat button and hover the tip of the Convector over the end of the heater, and pull away when it’s ready!

Tips and First Impressions

pinch it like a joint

Neither of us has the Camouflet induction heater yet, so we can only speak to the vape itself for now. But here are some initial thoughts and tips.

  • The heater is in the very end of the cap, so make sure that part is in the heat zone of your induction heater. If that part doesn’t get hot, the hit will be off.
  • That little ring around the stem is important. I don’t know why, but the stem is much cooler behind that ring where the parallel lines are. It feels like an old school joint pinch.
  • If you overheat it, you can let it cool before it cooks the load too much. The part near the heater will still suffer, but the rest of the load stays pretty fresh. In this stream we’ll see if it still works when you blow into it to cool it down.
  • Works great on any DynaVap compatible stem! Go at it with your faves.

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

open packaging

The Convector comes in a nice bamboo tube with a subtle brand on its side.

SS and Ti Convectors with packaging tubes

On the left is a stainless steel Convector ready to go. On the right is a titanium stem without the tip and cap.

Lotus pipe bowl

Same picture from a different angle!

both stems

Complete stainless steel unit on the left and a titanium stem on the right.

the finger grip

The back end of the stem has parallel grooves on it. This is the best place to hold it. Somehow the stem stays cooler in that part.

pinch it like a joint

And when you hold it right, it feels like an old school joint with that distinctive pinch.


The Convector exploded into all three parts – cap, tip and stem. Pretty simple.

simple tube stem

The 14mm water pipe adapter on a bubbler. I had to use an 18mm/14mm reducer for this glass piece.

the tip

The tip has two o-rings for a connection, and it’s very easy to take on and off.

up the bunghole

Here’s a look up the bunghole of the tip. You can see the underside of the screen.

the bowl from the top

Looking into the bowl at the other side of the screen. The screen isn’t removable.

the tip of the cap

The top of the tip. Those holes are the fresh air intakes.

inside the cap

A look into the cap at the underside of the heater.

with the Apollo 2 induction heater

The Convector in my DynaVap Apollo 2.

with a simrell stem

Here I put the tip on a Simrell blackwood stem without an airport. The Convector Stem doesn’t have an airport, so I went without, as well.

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