We finally got what we’ve been waiting for – Dynavap induction heaters! For years, the only way to get an induction heater was to get in line and wait months for a hand made product, if you knew where to find them. But now we have induction heaters for the masses, and they’re top quality! We go over all of them in detail, and pull out some induction heaters from the past, including some from the original Pipes lineup. Come hang out with us as we sesh and talk about the Dynaverse!

What’s an induction heater?

For those who don’t know, it takes two hands to manually heat a VapCap with a torch lighter. Induction heaters make it easy with electricity and magic! Just press the VapCap in the heating chamber and wait for the click.

The Dynavap lineup

Dynavap’s induction heater catalog is impressive, with three different models to choose from. Here’s the rundown…

Apollo 2 – This is the desktop model. It has the biggest power supply of the bunch, and no internal battery. VapCaps click in the seven to nine second range, and run on the slightly cooler side. If you want that toasty hit, leave it in a second or two past the click. It’ll run you $130.

Rover – This is the portable Apollo 2. No joke, it’s the same induction heater, but with an internal battery, smaller power supply, and a different sticker. You should easily get over 100 cycles per charge. Oh yeah, it’s more money, too, at $175.

Orion – This is the one to get for most people, and my personal fave. It’ll cost you $200, but it’s smaller, heats up a couple seconds faster, and even heats a little bit hotter. It’s the only one of the bunch to have a flashing light when heating, and I use that to time cooler or hotter hits, instead of counting in my head.