The Dr. Dabber Switch has been out for two years now, and is still a seriously misunderstood vape. But don’t blame the Switch – blame the marketing. Troy and Jerry set the record straight by resetting the Switch story. The Switch is a high-tech dab rig with a bonus for smokers, but shouldn’t be considered a dry herb vaporizer.

Industry Leading Induction tech

The Dr. Dabber induction tech is no joke. It’s way ahead of anything else on the market and should have a loooong shelf life. We’re not talking about a bigger Dynavap induction heater. The Switch has 25 precision temps for your dabs, multiple cup materials to choose from, and lightning fast heat ups that can power serious parties. Whether you like a slow boil or a quick rush, there’s a cup for that.

Multiple dab styles

If you like it quick and easy, stick to the induction cups that come with the Switch. They heat up fast, boil off concentrates quickly, and clean up easily. If you’re a taste hound, grab any of the premium dishes and set the Switch to Crystal mode. The quartz, SiC and sapphire cups are tasty, slow boilers. The smooth ceramic cup sits between the stock and premium cups, with a quicker vape than the other premium cups.

Leaf mode is for smokers

The Switch treats dry herbs like a bong, not a vape. It doesn’t burn like a pipe, but the smell is unmistakably smoke. The leftovers are more like soft coal than ash or abv. If you’ve ever vaped a dry herb vape before, you probably won’t use leaf mode more than a few times. It’s great for when you want that heavy stone, but you’ll pay for it with a thick, smokey taste. The upside is smokers love it. If dabs and J’s are your thing, the Switch was made for you.

Meh carb cap

The stock carb cap is so-so. The open hole at the top doesn’t direct air into the bottom of the glass well, and the hits suffer a little for it. They’re not weak, especially if you position the hole opposite the bubbler, but they’re definitely better with any of the premium directional carb caps. This is probably the biggest bummer about the Switch – you need to buy a premium carb cap to get the best dabs.

Baller accessories

The team at Dr. Dabber dabs all the time, and they love to trick out their Switches. Dr. Dabber consistently releases new bubblers and carb caps, so you’re never bored with it, if you’ve got the cash. The good news is, they perform. The Ball Attachment has a nice purr to it with a fuller hit than the stock bubbler. If you can accessorize this thing, you won’t be disappointed. The configurations we hit run upwards of $700 – ouch!

Battery life demystified

The Switch has best-in-class battery life by a mile, but no one is going to get the 150 dabs per charge that marketing claims. Real life use should average around 50 dabs per charge, and all the cleaning cycles necessary, with the stock cups. Once you get into premium cups and crystal mode, all bets are off, given individual styles. But it doesn’t really matter – the Switch recharges in 30 minutes, and can be hit while charging. You’re never out of business with this thing.

Mobile, but big

The Switch is very portable, especially with its carry-case box, but it’s too big to run around with. Take it to a party – yes. To the beach – probably not. We’re gonna hack on the marketing again here. We don’t expect any pretty girls to run into the woods with their Switch for a dab under the bridge. WTF? Where’s the party? Is she under the wrong bridge? If we ran the marketing campaign, we’d sell it as a monster dab rig and nothing else. It’s dope enough, even if it’s big and can’t vape herbs.

Hot or cold loads

Take your pick with the Switch. It cold loads as well as anything. Hot loads are great for an e-rig, but probably won’t satisfy torch/banger dabbers. While Jerry reaches for the Switch most when it comes to a quick dab, Troy prefers his Rio all day long.

The future

Who knows what the future holds for the Switch? The tech is so advanced it could be relevant for the next decade. And the only reason it doesn’t vape dry herbs is a lack of effort. There’s no reason a configuration couldn’t be designed to turn this thing into a convection dry herb vape. The vape community could have given this a go by now, but maybe it hasn’t been accepted by enough enthusiasts yet.