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Snowtill Organics Electric Sugar

snowtill nugget

This week’s Snowtill selection is Electric Sugar, and it’s oh so sweet! I can’t wait to break into it. I saved it for this stream and it’s gonna feel like a reward. It’s got some greens and purps, orange hairs and lots of sugar. The last Snowtill night left me nearly brainless, so let’s go!

Can’t afford a Venty? No problem…


We have to start this off by saying if you can afford a Storz & Bickel Venty dry herb vaporizer, get it. It has dominated our personal portable use since we got it. The airflow is game-changing, but the price is waaaay out there at $450. It’s worth it, but the price will keep some of us out of the party. No worries, we’ve got some solid options for you that match a lot of styles for a lot less money, and they have the pedigree/warrantee to be considered an investment.

The Arizer ArGo is our favorite Arizer portable vape. It has the smallest footprint and all the features. It’s not the most popular Arizer portable (that’s the Solo 2), but it feels like the portable they meant to make. The hit is nothing like a Venty. This is a slow boil, break-it-down-and-enjoy-the-session vape. The ArGo isn’t a Venty alternative, but at $130 it’s hard to beat what you can get out of it – fantastic taste and potent sessions from an all-glass vapor path.

We could have picked any vapcap, but the DynaVap Woodwynd is our favorite. The wood looks good and performs. You’ll need to get your manual technique down with the pocket torch lighter, but once you do you may never want another vape again. 

The POTV Lobo is probably the best value on this list. At $160, it spanks harder than all the others except the Tinymight 2 but is priced in the bottom half. It holds its own in the style department with gorgeous colors and a ton of glass add-ons to choose from. Replaceable battery, stylish options, and a punchy hit at a budget-friendly price – that’s hard to beat.

The DaVinci IQC is here for its excellence, pedigree, and five-year warranty. Even though we don’t use conduction vapes for our personal sessions, we can’t deny the potency the IQC brings. Every time we use it on the stream we get stoney and dopey. That conduction hit has some serious weight to it, and the DaVinci lineup tastes better than the competition. The IQC will cost you $199, so we’re starting to get into some serious money, but it’s less than the IQ2.

The PAX Plus is a tiny vape with a big oven and battery. Those are the main reasons I will occasionally grab a PAX. Troy and I are vape enthusiasts, a group not normally fond of PAX vapes. But when I reviewed the PAX 3 and read all the positive reviews from real customers, I couldn’t deny that it’s a good vape for a lot of people. I’d still prefer the DaVinci IQC, but the PAX Plus has a ridiculous 10-year warranty.

Our final vape on the list is the most expensive, but also the hardest hitter. The Tinymighty 2 is still going to clear out a lot of wallets at $349. but that’s $100 less than a Venty. Make no mistake about it, the Tinymight 2 will get you higher quicker than a Venty. It also has a removable battery, concentrate mode, and on-demand heat for those quick one-hitter moments. The Tinymight 2 is an enthusiast favorite, and the strongest vape you put in your pocket today.

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!


The ArGo is full of features and fits in any pocket. Completely different style of vape than the Venty. Shown here with a black glass stem.

standing on tip

The Woodwynd is strikingly gorgeous. The hourglass curves paired with the twisty stem and mouthpiece look and perform well. It’s been a while since we felt like we had a “final” DynaVap, but this one qualifies.


Here’s the blue Lobo with the blue glass globe stem. Looks good and cools the vapor better than the other dry stems.

DaVinci IQC

DaVinci always nails the colors, like this red IQC. This vape drips style and stoney vapor.

PAX Plus

The PAX Plus distills everything PAX has learned over three versions of vapes. The Plus comes with four heat profiles that deliver distinctly different sessions.

on a bubbler

My Tinymight 2 with the titanium stem so I don’t break anything. Also wrapped in a leather case from Labetkomp.

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