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Weed is not just for fun and physical health

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Tonight we break down every way we could think of to use cannabis, and highlight our favorite vapes for each style. Recreational use has been around forever, while medicinal use has gained popularity in the last 30 years as both a legitimate treatment and a gateway to legalize. But what else can we do with it? While weed was used ages ago ceremonially, spiritual use almost completely vanished from today’s societies. Some of us use it professionally, either to augment our work or as the focus of it. And social use can be layered over all these other uses. 

The right vape for the job


The pic above is a shot of my altar ready for work. For my spiritual sessions I almost always use the Herborizer. This vape and I go way back and our sessions have transformed my life. I have a realtionship with this vape! Troy typically takes his favorite portable (the Venty these days) to the park to meditate. However you like to dig deep inside, cannabis can help you slow down and focus. It draws me inward. We talk a lot about the spiritual ritual in tonight’s livestream.

For medicinal use, Troy typically goes for a strong ball vape to deliver the relief he needs. For my household, we typically use something with outstanding temperature control like a Volcano Hybrid or the Venty. The Venty has phenomenal airflow that eliminates the work involved in a vape session, and I found it great for treating inflammation.

Professionally speaking, Troy and I both use whatever is on our desk for the assignment that day. Sometimes it’s just to form an opinion to share, other times it’s a deep dive into temperature effects or battery life. We have very different approaches to how we evaluate a vape, with different purposes and different techniques.

When it comes to recreation, we just like to get blasted and have fun. We both like to take massive ball vape rips to blastoff, which is typical of high tolerance users. But other times we’re out having fun with others, and then it’s a question of what’s easy to share. That’s where our social opinions come into play…

The main component of social use is sharing, and when it comes to vapes we love to share! Interestingly, social use is where we are most likely to grab something like a PAX that has a big oven and is super easy to share.  It’s small, has great battery life, and is easy to reload and keep the circle going. While I rarely use a PAX for my personal sessions, it checks a lot of boxes for social use. 

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