Cannabis consumers are doing more than just grinding up herbs for a smoke sesh – the menu is evolving with weed in the form of concentrates. And the options increase from there with hash in the form of hash rosin, live resin, shatter, and BHO (Butane Hash Oil), among others. So what’s the difference and how do you use them? That’s what our video’s for!

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Types of Weed Concentrates

The history of hash escapes us in this video, but modern concentrates are often referred to as hash. And the “type” or name of the hash typically comes from how it’s made, or the consistency of the product.

  • Hash Rosin – This is what Troy and Jerry would consider the crème de la crème of hash. This process is solvent-free, making it one of the purest forms of concentrate. When it’s fresh, it has a very creamy consistency. As it cools it turns into more of a butter consistency, and from there can turn into more of a crumble.
  • BHO (Butane Hash Oil) – The umbrella term for any cannabis extract that is produced through an extraction process using butane as the primary solvent. BHO can have a THC concentration of up to 90%.
  • Live Resin – Made from freshly harvested plant material, live resin is another popular concentrate form. Made by flash freezing the plant material before harvesting (to preserve the terpenes) and then put through a solvent like butane.
  • Shatter – When cool, this form is easy to use. It does get a little sticky the warmer it gets, but Jerry finds this to be a great option for travel as it’s easy to work with.
  • Crumble – A dry cannabis concentrate, it gets its name from the consistency. This form of concentrate can easily be used for consumption methods other than a dab, like a twax.

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How to Consume Concentrates

Most of today’s concentrates are dab-able. Let us walk you through some of our favorite dab rigs.

RiO by Stache Products

RiO by Stache Products – The Rig-in-One has a torch built into the base. So if carrying a torch around for your dabs isn’t appealing, this device is an excellent solution. Not only that but as Jerry said, “it’s all contained.” You can use it with or without water, there is a leash available for the carb cap, and you rarely have to fill up the torch. Save 10% with our code.

Banger & Torch – As one of the most traditional ways to take a dab, and likely one of the first ways you learn, the beauty in this method is the ritual. Manually heating your banger with a torch does require some know-how if you use the wrist method, and can take some trial and error. But products like the Terpometer and Dab Rite make this easier with quick temperature readings. (Watch at 21:24 to learn how the carb cab works to create more vapor.)

30mm XL Quartz Hybrid Complete Enail Kit

MiniNail – This e-nail is a desktop staple for Troy and Jerry. Always on, always ready in the Stickstones Lounge. With a quick heat-up time, this device delivers consistent hits. Save 10% with our code.

Portable E-Rigs – We showcase the popular Puffco Peak and improved Core 2.0. While these devices don’t give you the same kind of performance as those previously mentioned, they are great options if you need a portable. Both for travel and/or at-home use.

On-The-Go Dab Pens: This style is one you may be more familiar with, as it’s often associated with carts. The Puffco Vision Plus, a load-as-you-go, bucket nail with a ceramic dish offers you an easy, pocketable dab device.

Why Use Concentrates?

Fact: Dabs are convenient. One dab can last up to an hour or more (depending on the amount and your tolerance), and in Troy’s case, dabs provide a clearer, more functional high. Making this form of consumption a preference for daytime.

If you associate dabs with a high tolerance and need for something stronger than flower, you’re not alone. Jerry initially thought this as well and believed the stigma that the use of concentrates is something only really heavy users consumed. But that thinking quickly dissolved once Jerry had access to what he prefers to call “extracts” and was able to learn more about it.

While it might take some time to find your ideal dose, once you dial it in, it’s very easy to see how you can microdose with weed concentrates. Yes, dabs can offer some very potent hits for the heavy user, but it’s also a great option for those with low tolerances.

The thing that hooked Jerry? The taste. Dabs offer a very distinct taste that you don’t get from smoking or vaping your herb. Though vaporizing is tastier than smoking, it’s still not as flavorful as taking a dab.

If you’ve used weed concentrates, tell us in the comments! And let us know which form you find best for your sessions.

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