Videos on this post are from February 23rd, streamed during Think Dank Live. Watch the full stream here.

What to do with Proxy Goo – drink that shit!


Longtime watchers of our stream know that I’ve had a big-ass pipe full of Proxy Goo to do something with for about a year now.  Well, tonight’s the night! I’ve been hesitant because I like to be in control, but Troy’s deep dive into reclaim milk last week inspired me.

It seems easy enough – pull a huge chunk of reclaim out of the Puffco Proxy pipe and drink it. I’ve had a bottle of grain alcohol here for a while so I can add a little more punch to the ride. The hardest part was figuring out how to weigh this sticky mess so we know how much I took down – I found a new use for all those old Ghost MV1 pods!

I filled two Ghost pods and weighed them – it looks like about 5 grams of Proxy Goo in the shot of grain alcohol! I soaked the filled pods in the alcohol overnight and stirred it up the next morning. Some of the alcohol evaporated, but most of the goo was dissolved. So I added a little more alcohol and let it soak the rest of the day.

This should taste like shit, so I made a fruity-tooty drink to take it down just before the stream. Let’s see how long it takes to settle in, and how far down the rabbit hole it takes me!

The Zenco fruit cup!

zenco cup

We first covered the Zenco and some similar products last summer. It’s a cup full of vapor that you can “drink” – pretty fun! Since that last stream Zenco released a lot of cool glass to go with the base, and we got ahold of the “Cafe Glass” to vape differently.

Tonight we’re gonna push our vapor through some nice fruit cups. I first tried this with some fruits and herbs and was surprised at how much flavor made its way into the vapor. It’s not a strong flavor, but definitely noticeable – just the way I’d want it with my weed.

Grab your favorite vape and some sweet fruit and join us! If you don’t have a Zenco, you can eat and vape along with your rig.

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!


My aftermarket Proxy Pipe that’s perfect to collect Goo. The sides fo the chamber flare outward and don’t touch the Proxy – it just hangs there. This is ideal to collect Goo.

Proxy closeup

A closer look at the collection chamber.

proxy goo

A view from above after I removed the Proxy from the pipe.

proxy goo closeup

Let’s get even closer to all that honey goodness!

dissolving - don't evaporate!

I dissolved the Goo in grain alcohol overnight. Some of it evaporated, so I added a little more the next morning.


After a quick stir. Would you drink this?

little chink left

All that’s left to dissolve after the overnight soak – 5 grams are almost done!

dirty MV1 pods

Ghost MV1 pods never looked sexier glistening in a soft coat of Goo!

zenco cup

The Zenco with Cafe Glass installed.

naked zenco

A naked Zenco with a vape cart installed. The fire button is here on the backside. That atomizer to the side is so we can use our own concentrate and dab into the fuit cups!

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about Proxy Goo or the Zenco? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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