Holy shit, what a night! Well over a dozen of the hardest hitting portable and desktop weed vapes, all in one sitting. Normally, any one of these would be enough to get the job done, but there’s nothing like a side-by-side face-off to compare vapes.

Things get pretty faded on this stream…

First we go through a pile of big hitting portables, just to warm up. Some of the victims:

MightyBoundless TERASticky BricksTetra P80TinyMightDynavapGrasshopper – Vleaf Go – RBT

Since we were still awake, we pushed on with the desktops, where things really started to slow down.

Glass SymphonyVapexhale EVOSupremeVolcano HybridSSV43ELEV8R7th FloorDitaniumHerborizer – Flowerpot