Videos on this post were originally streamed on January 26th, 2024. Watch the full livestream here

Cewpins joins us on the Think Dank

snowtill nugget

Tonight’s guest is no stranger to Friday night live streams! We first bumped into Cewpins when we migrated to Twitch a couple years ago. He streams and gets high at the same time we do, so this should be easy. We’re starting an hour early tonight so he can still stream at his normal time, so don’t be late!

Cewpins’ streams are low key chill and lots of fun to just hang and get high. Troy was on his channel a while back and got him hooked on ball vapes. Now he cruises with the Terp Hamer and DabReady! No topic is off limits, and Hawaiian shirts are encouraged, so check out his channel.

J2 – the Snowtill Sativa!

snowtill nugget

Snowtill has put out some ridiculous weed, and tonight’s Snowtill strain is J2, a sativa! With seemingly nothing but hybrids all over the market, I truly appreciate a good sativa. Remember, Snowtill uses living soil and doesn’t till it, and their attention to detail shows. This should be fun, as we vape it thorugh convection vapes in the beginning, and then switch to conduction vapes at the end. Let’s see how much difference a conduction vape makes with a sativa strain!

Conduction vapes again!

DaVinci IQC

Last week we ended the stream with some conduction vapes, and tonight we’re gonna revisit those with this sativa J2 from Snowtill. It should be enlightening to try it in completely differeent vapes, and the vape signatures will shine through.

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about Snowtill Organics, or the effects of conduction on sativas? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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