We find out by doing them all in one night – over 13 rigs!

Troy and Jerry start the stream setting the bar high with traditional dabs – Troy on a torch/banger and quartz insert, and Jerry on a Liger banger with obsidian insert. Does it go downhill from there?

We climb the price ladder, starting with solid pocket portables like the Terp Pen XL, Sai, Divine Tribe V4 and Dynacoil. From there, we hit the cheapest e-rigs on up to the most expensive, and finish with the Rio and Switch, before returning to the bar.

It’s dabs all night, from the east coast to the west coast, and the everywhere gang in the chat!

Product links:

Liger/Torch & Banger (unavailable?), Terp Pen/XL ($30/$60), Sai ($35 – $60),
DTV4 (~$45), Dynacoil ($25), Core/HVT Therion ($189), Carta ($249), Peak ($300), Oura ($250 w/code), Roam ($250), Switch ($400), Rio ($250)