As enthusiasts in the dry herb vape space, hundreds of devices have crossed our desks. As beta testers, we have to be critical of what’s in front of us. And as reviewers, we strive to give honest and objective takes, no matter what you think of G-Pen’s past.

It’s a muscle we’ve developed over years in the cannabis space, but it’s not always an easy task. In this cut from the Sneaky Pete interview, we talk about how vape enthusiasts can start to take sides and make judgments that don’t always work out or stay the same long term.

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One of the latest vapes to be the quickly dismissed by enthusiasts? The Tafee Bowle. Which just so happens to be one of Jerry’s favorite vapes in the space. Check out what Vapefiend’s George has to say on this one.

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Want to see more? Check out last week’s livestream to dive deeper and see how those snap judgements play into G-Pen’s latest vaporizer, the Elite 2.

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