Seibo Shen is a legend and pioneer in the cannabis vaporizer industry. He’s the founder of VapeXhale and inventor of the popular Cloud EVO desktop vaporizer.

Troy and Jerry had a chance to sit down and bounce around several not-so-typical topics with this not-so-typical CEO and the conversation was enchanting.

Interview with SEIBO SHEN

00:00 00-29 – Let’s get started
01:13-First meetings and finding new insights
03:55-Crystals, healing, and the unexplained
05:41-Seibo before cannabis
07:03-Meditation and connection
08:38-Is there anything you would have done differently in the beginning?
11:12-First vape experience?
13:55-Vape Influences and Mark McCoy
16:16-Fuck Combustion
17:02-More on Mark McCoy
17:50-Throwback to modding for Fuck Combustion
19:03-Product role at VapeXHale
19:44-Refreshed Evo
20:57-New CEO and Unification
25:23-What can we do to advocate for change?
29:08-New products
29:50-Are you extra stoned today?
30:16-Legacy Questions start
30:50-Pranav’s question
31:09-Seibo’s answer to Pranav
32:52-George’s question
33:13-Seibo’s answer to George
34:28-Seibo’s question
34:49-Jerry’s answer to Seibo
35:56-Troy’s answer to Seibo
38:23-Seibo’s insight and answer
44:31-Seibo’s 90 minute meditation sessions
46:50-Seibo’s coaching business
54:12-Guided meditations with Seibo?
55:14-Breaking down mental blocks, trusting the subconscious, and the next step
1:04:34-Goodbyes and signing off