George is the founder of Dynavap and the inventor of the Dynavap Vapcap.

Troy and Jerry recently sat down with George and talked about … well … everything. We focused on the 2021 Dynavap Vapcap changes and improvements, but quickly digressed into a plethora of related topics.

Dynavap George Interview Transcript

(the below transcript is unedited and barely formatted)

Jerry: welcome back George! What vape are you hitting George, I’m on my I’m on my new omni.

George: I’ve got a Vong here. I really like the Vomg.

Troy: I really like the vong as well. It’s been my favorite of of the full lineup update.

Jerry: Is it?

Troy: yeah, easily

Jerry: why? why is that?

Troy: i i think it’s the biggest leap in features, you know? Like all from all of the the iterations the m is a lot of finesse and it’s a lot of the similar features the same same features just improved and nicer rounder different you know it’s a yearly iteration the omni it has awesome features and sweet improvements but uh the vong has the biggest leaps and features like it introduces kind of new things and brings together two products into one.

Jerry: I like that. I think I like the omni the best.

Troy: I was most excited for the omni…

George: yeah but most people didn’t think the new Vong was coming

Jerry: yeah right that was a surprise yeah it surprised me what’s your fave george you got three brand new vapes i know you love them all but which one do you think is your your fave

George: yeah who’s your favorite kid jerry

Jerry: oh that’s tyler right guys he’s the one in the house right now right right

George: you know it’s it’s such a a fun question because i feel like for the first time since this whole journey began we’ve been able to manufacture the products that we really wanted to make it seemed like so many other steps along the way we had to compromise here we had to compromise there we had to settle for what we were able to make at that point in time and i’m not saying that’s still not the case to a degree but the reality is we were able to finally add in some of the features and the functionality that we’ve been wanting to put into these devices since the very beginning we now know how to run our machines on a much more in-depth and i would say proficient level we’ve learned a bit over the past few years so anyway i guess to answer your question i think the vong is finally the piece that uh i’ve always wanted it to be you know compatible not just with a 14 millimeter but a 10 millimeter piece on top of that got crowns on either end so it should be very very durable has an adjustable airflow kind of like the omni it’s got the wood feel a little bit larger in the fingers very very tactile there’s some

Troy: there’s some new words some new semantics and vernacular being tossed around with this release can we can we talk about some of these new words like crowns like you you’ve called them crowns the crowns are the metal ends yes these pieces

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George: yeah when we’re looking at the vong here now we call these crowns right kind of a you know maybe a nod to the old Ti woodies that had the crowns on them you know just the metal caps that would uh go over the piece of wood becca here’s one of the uh unfinished parts before it goes into the uh finished part or the finished device right yeah so if i hold it like this you can see you can see how the wood is actually quite a bit longer inside than what it looks like on the outside yeah i got a couple millimeters there on each end yes yes so uh that’s why we call these crowns because uh for any of you that have ever had any dental work done the crown uh kind of goes over the tooth right well in this situation the metal crown goes over the wood uh on both ends to kind of capture it and to make sure that it’s kind of held in place and gives it a little bit of additional strength to help it resist the things that wood tends to like to do and that’s crack that’s where the crown comes from

Troy: okay, but then the omni and the m also have crowns there and they have this is it the septa and the nona

George: okay so that’s where we got maybe a little bit of a a mix up in some terms and you know i guess i’ll have to take responsibility for calling this a crown uh if if that’s what i was doing in the past it’s really just the aperture for the extraction chamber i guess the best thing the way to drive describe it is normalize and standardize all of our jargon right so we got a non-notched opening here on our extraction chamber for the uh the new omni tip with its trisected nine pin profile

Troy: okay

Jerry: trisected nine pin profile i love that

George: well yeah it’s because we got we’ve got nine fins and each one of them actually has three segments right so if you look at it there’s more or less a a triad kind of placed in there and each one of them is offset a little bit from one another so you’re gonna see it go one two three one two three one two three as you go across the uh the tip itself it gives it kind of a real interesting appearance as you slowly rotate in the light it’s especially nice to be slowly rotating the light slightly out of focus

Jerry: Oh out of focus is the best way huh all right i gotta remember that i gotta remember that what i’m trying to do so more terms right but you’ve got a lot of terms now with this with this particular lineup i saw you’ve got four or five named parts per piece it seems like right

George: oh yeah and uh i tell you i’m actually really really happy that we’re right here right now we’ve successfully made it at least to this stage where we’ve redesigned all three of our main products and have uh got them into production have made product are in the process of building inventory shipping orders to our retailers and uh we’ll hopefully start filling orders for our pre-orders as soon as we possibly can and that required uh quite an endeavor to design iterate refine test and then manufacture and do all the other associated things with manufacturing and get it all ready to go

Troy: You’ve been working a lot george

George: ah we all have i guess it’s kind of a consequence of the uh we’ll just say today’s environment right where we needed to find something useful to do and uh it seemed like redesigning our products would be a good use of uh time

Troy: I think it’s safe to say that the design of these three products is years and years in the making like as you mentioned you had to have your your manufacturing prowess catch up to be able to actually do what you want to want to be able to make but yeah with all of this vape ban shit happening it had to mingle with your with your timing was was there any was there any involvement was there any uh relation?

George: you know it’s it’s such a funny thing because when i first heard about this it’s like oh huh that solidifies it that’s exactly why i’ve been looking to get away from the term vaporizer for years and it’s funny because even uh relatively early in 2020 i know i’ve had discussions maybe it was even with you guys out in vegas a year ago about thermal extraction instead of vaping and vaporizing because and i hope it doesn’t sound arrogant but i just saw the problems coming.

right because there was such a close association between nicotine vapes and dry herb models

right yeah so it seemed like what this industry really needed was a good solid definitive differentiation between the products that we’re engaged with that we love and that the other members in our industry you know manufacture produce sell distribute and market whatever it might be uh review let’s make sure that someone that comes across any of us doesn’t mistake the products that we’re talking about for something that they’re not then the government stepped in and is kind of doing our job for us

Jerry: classic yeah i remember you did see that coming a while ago i think it was a good like you said about a year ago you were talking about that it goes it goes

Troy: it predates the vape scare you know when the vape carts were killing everybody i mean it predates that vape vape things were being deleted from youtube and instagram as far back as 2016 2017.

George: just just silly things right anyway blame it on my optimism right i’m trying to find the positive things i think a big part of uh that falls in what we were doing back in 2016 right we were first developing enough capability and capacity to be able to start offering some of our products to uh wholesale accounts and it’s like okay i don’t trust our government we should uh do our best to grow our market outside the us as a priority and do that as fast as possible so in case our government goes and does something dumb which governments are known to do at least we’ll have an option that will be able to continue selling our product out of this country so we won’t be forced to close our doors i felt like you know we’re just getting started i don’t want to have some new regulation come across the board and cause problems for us since we were able to pull that off you know in 2016 17 and 18 growing a reasonably good international presence when some of this other stuff started coming down the pipe was like well you know worst case scenario we’ll have to uh shift our focus to primarily export markets which would be annoying but it wouldn’t be the end of the world

Jerry: yeah especially since you’ve been working on it and had some foresight and have some things in place that’s that’s brilliant man well done

Troy: you have some loyal fans it might be maybe the end of the world for them

George: yeah i’d really feel bad for that but at the same time just looking at the way a lot of the legislation is going is it’s only really going to affect stores that primarily do e-commerce so all your brick-and-mortar stores are still going to be able to sell their goods to the people that walk in the door it’s a significant change and i can’t say i’m happy about it but on the other hand i i really wonder what the long-term repercussions are going to be this is it’s really really funny because the rules haven’t actually even been made or announced yet and everyone’s kind of got their arms up in the air because they’re moving things pretty quick and they’re trying to put the rules into play into law like literally days after they finalize the rules which i don’t know why they’re going about it in that fashion i get it you know that they have to determine a time to set the rules and they needed a few months to figure it out because we know how hard our typical lawmakers actually work i’m sorry from being derogatory you know because you know they pass the legislation in december and the rulemaking doesn’t finish up until april but then we’re going to institute it like two weeks after the rule making is done why wouldn’t you institute it three months after the rulemaking is done so all of the new businesses that are going to be effective have some time to navigate why not make the rules in january since it passed in december and then implement them in april at the same time same time frame but just do your job and make the rules early enough so that people have time to react and to publicly comment and to give a little bit of feedback and input before you actually finalize the rules now this is this is kind of how government in my opinion should work laws need to change i’m completely in agreement with that legislation gets drafted gets voted on gets approved okay that’s fine that’s our process okay make some rules make sure that the rules follow through with what the intent of the rules are supposed to do is supposed to mean okay great make sure that the people that are looking for the rules are happy with the rules and then enforce them

Jerry: i’ve i’ve talked to at least one or two people that have said that historically this is how government works in this country and that they wouldn’t be surprised if the implementation took longer in other words if we get to april and and the post office responds with we’re not ready yet and sometimes it can take you know months years to to get [ __ ] straightened out i don’t know if that’s how this will play out but it has played out that way in other other industries and other situations

George: it’s gonna be really interesting to see on a much more positive note if we’re going to talk about the information that we have received so far from uh several of the carriers that pick up our packages and deliver them is that in their opinion and their interpretation this legislation in its entirety does not apply to our products you know there’s still a few of the delivery services that we utilize that we haven’t received information from one way or the other yet so it’s not confirmation it’s not problem it’s just we haven’t had communication with them but considering the way that things are progressing uh i’m pretty optimistic about that too

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instead of a threat i think whoever approaches it that way is going to be rewarded that same logic applies to so many things in life right life is not exactly easy things that we’re not expecting tend to happen it’s it’s what happens next that that really makes a difference it’s what we choose to do how we choose to react that determines really how it’s going to affect us the most when we were there in october you were really excited about about a big machine and i don’t want to reveal anything so i’m being very loose on it but is there anything you can tell me like in layman’s terms like love it that’s the 3d print stuff isn’t it yeah it’s uh that’s the biggest one that’s the biggest one yet bro i’ve never seen one that big isn’t that fun that would totally swallow up the post outside can you fit inside that yeah not quite does it click does it click oh it’s a chair

ever and don’t misunderstand me we didn’t buy it to print giant caps but the different big things you have to go through the process of uh testing it out making sure that everything’s going to function correctly right so that was our biggest longest print so far and the really cool thing is we can print things that are substantially bigger than that yeah i’d say problem solving’s been in my blood for a long time it actually it certainly caused me quite a few problems when i was younger sometimes people just don’t want you to solve the problem they just want you to get the task done and so that made for a number of disagreements you know when i was growing up for example why can’t you just do it the way i asked you to it’s like well it’s gonna take longer why do we have to do it that way why can’t we try it this way but now that i’m older it’s a bit more tolerable so george i got a question for you man what’s that i love uh every time you release a vape i love using it testing it figuring out but mostly i love your easter eggs and i love how you’re always planting numbers in there and so for me it’s fun to go look and i absolutely adored what i found in this year’s products but i’m interested in for you is there one or two of your vapes that from a numerology easter egg perspective that you like the most or appreciate the most or any particular singular easter eggs that you just you know what i mean any of that stuff mean more to you or special or well what i can tell you is that uh on this year’s m for example right without a doubt in my mind this is the best m we’ve ever made none of the other ones even come close right and i’m not talking about that from just a a pure performance or extraction perspective because the difference between this one and last year and the one before that they’re all going to extract on a comparable level in terms of heat up and overall extraction extraction efficiency but the at the same time when i think about ease of use overall appearance and the tactile navigation this one’s it right it’s got really nice appearance it’s got really nice lines it tends to be much much easier to feel every single feature like this grip here uh your fingers just want to stay on the grip because it’s got a kind of an hourglass shape to it it’s also really nice to if you just take your thumb and just kind of rub your thumb down the length on this grip it’s got a whole lot of feel to it slightly sharp but not sharp enough to be uncomfortable you can definitely know where it’s at it’s the grippiest grip that we have the the way the rocker integrates the way that you can feel the airports and another fun thing is if you’re using uh you know whether it’s an xl kit or someone’s aftermarket uh mouthpiece and condenser so i can take this thing apart and i can put the tip in on the mouthpiece end and put it all back together and it still looks like it belongs it doesn’t look backwards it’s uh to use a term that i’m trying to remember specifically who brought it up last night during tea time it’s it’s ambidextrous nice i really like it and so talking about numerology etc the number to keep in mind when visually visually dissecting the m is seven there’s seven in quite a few locations in this device every time i get a vape from you uh i look at uh i look for threes five sevens nines twelves anything that stands out sometimes it’s three six nine but i’m always looking for that [ __ ] you know i i i look for the way you always like try to get the the light to kind of roll up and down if you get it just right and i love looking for those things so yeah man when i started looking for this i was like oh seven seven seven seven and it just kept going like this thing is awesome man i love it i love that all your tips are different for each one too the tips for this you know what i mean that’s awesome yeah that was another fun thing the titanium tips just been the same for everything up until now and when we were prototyping tips for the for the omni one of the contenders had a profile like what you see on the vlog now i really like that one too let’s just make a different tip for the vong and we’ll use it there i think people might like that because now it gives you another option it’s a little chunkier but it still looks like it belongs you can swap the tips of the bong with the omni and they still look good i don’t know if you guys have noticed any significant performance difference i really like the vong tip like the way it looks i like the way it feels and i i’ve it’s gonna sound weird but it feels different than it looks like when i look at it and i rotate it i see squares but then when i feel it it still feels round yeah it definitely feels round it’s such an interesting thing and you know when i’m rotating it in the light i’m looking at it it just makes me think about rotary engines yeah yeah yeah pretty dope man so well i appreciate the easter eggs you throw in there it’s fun if it makes it interesting and then i’m always looking for more and a lot of fun for me it’s never just another another unit there’s something there well what i’d really encourage you and everyone to do with with these devices is uh examine them without your eyes this year by far more than any other time we’ve been able to really engage in the uh what i like to call the tactile engineering right to make these devices have a look to your fingertips like your fingertips have never seen before right and it’s one of those things that i think uh a huge percentage of us really take for granted how sensitive our sense of touch on our fingertips really truly is even though you know the skin can be a little bit thick and i i’d have to say the skin on my fingertips is kind of thick but at the same time i can touch various very very fine textures and i can understand them and i can navigate with my fingers without looking at things you know whether you’re picking up a small little screw and trying to you know thread it in whatever it might be and so the goal this year was to take everything that i’m aware of combine it with the awesome things that jason’s aware of and his amazing technical skills and talent programming those cnc machines and making them sing the custom tooling that he has to design and create in order to achieve some of these textures that just weren’t makeable with the tooling that we were aware of so we had to make it and what we have is we have some devices that have a completely not only new look but a completely new feel to them and so i really encourage people to feel the difference in the devices that we have coming out right now i think you’ll find that they feel very very different in terms of appearance uh handling and even operation dude the vong feels spectacular like like it it literally like is built for my thumb and holds it exactly how i want to like just slide it a little bit to adjust the airflow i mean it’s like it literally is a perfection of how i would want to use the airport on a bubbler and just like you said from feel as well but it feels completely different from the other side even even the fact that it’s on the wood portion so it even feels different from a from a material aspect you know it’s i think you did a fantastic job on that with this thing man it’s so easy to hold and manipulate to maneuver without even looking at it even if it’s hot ready to go these little details right tell you the older i get the more i appreciate the little details they matter i think so much more than uh he’s really well understood by anybody

Hey Troy do you mind explaining to george how this question thing works because you’re much oh you have a better understanding of it than i do so we we want to have a a a question that you ask our future guests oh that you get to come up on and it’s completely however you want to do it like there’s no limits no like you can be as creative or as weird as you want and pranav who we interviewed last week started with with a question and okay we’re gonna we’re gonna ask that question of you and while you’re answering that question you can also be thinking of of what question you want to leave for the for the future guests is that oh so we’re calling it legacy questions huh yeah that’s a great way to put it thank you that’s perfect i love it yes so pranav’s legacy question to you is if you could have a session and a conversation like fully communicate with any animal what would it be oh i think it’d be a whale no [ __ ] why is that yeah well just thinking about like giant blue whale and just kind of bumping about the ocean 50 or 60 years eating krill and swimming oh i don’t know tens if not hundreds of thousands of nautical miles what’s it like what would what would a whale’s favorite strain be a strain

is it going to be more like a runce uh you know something that’s a little bit more suggestive of seafood i don’t know you know and do whales have a an endocannabinoid system hmm that’s a good question i think my first pick would have been dolphin i’m not sure but that’s what i came up with for a lot of the same reasons you do except you’re gonna have a much longer life span you’ll be able to tell the old stories have some history run into some old dudes that know some stuff learn a bunch of songs and but i like that a lot that’s really cool man it wasn’t pronounced his answer also a dolphin i thought his was a sloth a sloth yes it was a sloth oh man wouldn’t it you said octopus octopus yeah so george what’s your question if you’ve thought of it so how do you think of a legacy question huh okay here it is describe a point in time preferably the future when you’re going to be the happiest i would like to hear a description from a person thinking about the point in time that they’re going to be the happiest what are the circumstances how did it happen how did you arrive at that point now you’ll notice pranav had an answer for his own question we all get to answer your question too

that’s a great ass question i’d have to say right before climax like the moment you just want to have last forever man like they had all kinds of exercises to help you prolong that [ _ ] so you know yeah that’s that’s not how i was interpreting the question well if i’m gonna pick one moment in time it’s going to be a moment in time that’s definitely in anticipation because i’m a believer of anticipation is just as exciting as the moment itself and can be dragged on much longer if it’s not even better exactly it can last so much longer in fact sometimes the climax is anticlimactic haven’t i haven’t having something that you can look forward to that mentally climaxes you for a long time is a great goal in life i agree and i think it can be a very very motivating situation how would you answer that question of your own george and you can’t take my climax one because that i know that was the best one it’s such an interesting perspective because i know a few years ago i would have responded with something along the lines of describing where i’m at right now or actually even where i was at a year ago two years ago where it was becoming very clear and very evident that this might actually work this crazy idea that you know we could actually make a product and actually design it here in the us manufacture it create a whole manufacturing infrastructure around making it here in the u.s and sell it all over the world people actually want to buy it and it happened and so it’s inspired me to think even uh more audaciously and think okay what is it that makes me happy and i think the more profoundly positive an impact that i can have on just people in general it just seems to amplify my overall outlook on life and so the moment where i think i’m going to find the most joy in life is when i’ve had the most significant and substantial positive impact on just people in general nice so what’s your happy spot troy and when’s it gonna happen is it gonna happen this year is it something that you have to work towards for another five years i’m gonna have to work towards it still i predict my happiest times will be when my life and businesses are established in a way where i have the support systems to do the work that i’m not so much like fun work you know i i i want to i i built my business initially on the fun work like i bet i can make a business where i don’t have to do all the [ _ ] that isn’t fun work like i just like the fun work and i did but then youtube deleted me and then i had to start doing not so fun work and then all those things happen so i that was when i when i was happiest when i when i could just make the fun work and uh okay i think meeting my goals of myself brand as as a content creator with with different facets of interest like i like creating content around things i’m passionate about and once i establish those positions in a means where it supports my life i think that’s when i’ll be the happiest so that sounds sounds good and i think uh just knowing that acknowledging that i think is one of the most important steps that we can all make as we’re navigating our life seeking happiness right is to understand what does it look like because if you don’t know what you’re looking for how do you expect to find it right and i know it just sounds really really simple but well what is it that you’re looking for it’s a really good practice to even state your goals or write your goals down absolutely or almost even better if you can find a comfortable small group of people that you feel comfortable and trustworthy share some of your goals and aspirations with them you know don’t get too audacious unless you know that these are the people that are going to help you achieve them right but uh think about it think it through and then ideally team up with some of these people that you love working with and collectively go after it help them achieve what’s important to them and it’s amazing all of a sudden they will help you achieve what’s important to you it’s just uh this mutually beneficial relationship symbiosis so i just gotta jerk jerry off and then jerry’s gonna help me achieve flashlight that’s funny man actually outside of my my climax answer though because that you know can be it we can bring that on anytime we want i would say that you want you can just you can just it’s missing that ability no what i was going to say is honestly george i’m at a place right now in life that is really exciting to me in a way that never has been before i’ve done a lot of really deep personal work in the last couple years and ceilings that i didn’t know i had in place are no longer there and so i’m currently living in a world of possibility that is exciting like i’ve never seen before that to me is the moment i want to live in because i i fully believe that reaching some of the things that i see it’ll be exciting but then it’s over like just like i told you it’s it’s it’s the anticipation the road the struggle that i want to enjoy on the way there and and this is what i see is exciting so what i would say would be even better than that for me george is i already see other ceilings that just go oh there’s that that doesn’t even occur to me as possible what are you talking about i already see some of those in my in my subconscious thinking playing out and so i guess what’s going to be exciting for me is when i break through those [ __ ] and see what is over there that’s when i’m gonna be stoked i don’t know when that is but i believe that’s coming it’s coming and if you believe it’s coming and you think about it’s coming and you start to even just imagine what it’s going to be like when it arrives it seems like one of the harder parts to even realize is that it’s already happened i know it it happened to me because uh it wasn’t just like i woke up one day and it was some epiphany moments like oh ah i did that or i’m about to do it you know it was more along the lines of with the exception of getting through customs in amsterdam last year that was that was pretty amazing oh i actually did it but it seems like some of the more significant achievements actually were in the past and i just had to kind of reflect upon the fact that it happened and now the anticipation’s over but it was kind of anticlimactic because the transition was slow enough that all of a sudden i’m looking around and oh yeah we we are making our own parts now actually we’re making quite a few of them uh we’ve got our own cnc machine actually now we have more than one of them as you start filling in the blanks in terms of the goals the goals are there and the goals are achieved and then the goals are in the past and they’ve been replaced with even more and it just seems like an ongoing cycle and also a very very positive thing because it seems like no matter what is achieved at least in my world i have the uh the comfort in knowing that there’s still way more things out there to achieve than i could ever possibly achieve without any doubt in my mind no matter how fast i work no matter how big this grows no matter how efficient we become there will always be more things to achieve and you know maybe maybe it’s going to be my downfall you know i could almost consider myself an addict i’m addicted to achievement it’s where i derive a significant amount of i think satisfaction is solving problems finding a solution finding a way to take the circumstances and convert them into something that’s useful beneficial more positive improve the situation for not only other people but anyone with that it’s uh realistic right i i’m in you know personally i’m enjoying every breath that i’m taking right now it is such a an amazing experience being able to be part of this community these awesome people out there that are helping me achieve the things that are important to me and i don’t think it would really be possible if it weren’t for the fact that that community exists simple as that and what i’m thinking about other various things i’m thinking okay what other things can i do to support this community how can i continue to invest in this community how do i give back to this community because without this community this little adventure called dynavap it dies and that’s that’s a thing that i don’t think a lot of businesses are either willing to accept or understand very well now unless you’re selling things like nicotine that people get addicted to if you’re selling a product that people just generally don’t need if they aren’t passionate about your product if they don’t care about what you stand for if you’re not supporting that community they don’t care about you they’ll just move on to the next thing as soon as it shows up

i love it when you talk about community you really have a true heartfelt appreciation that that i i watch spur you on to do some really cool [ _ ] i love i love your responses to those feelings huh i appreciate the things we’ve watched you do things like the karma vape and the c vape and the seven fin giveaway and just you just do cool [ _ ] [ __ ] man b and because of what you just said there your appreciation for the community and you you inspire me when it comes to community stuff you really do i appreciate all you do you lead the way in so many ways well that’s cool i’m glad you think that i’ve just been looking at it from uh the perspective that you know as this community continues to grow and it empowers our company to continue to grow that just means we can do bigger and better and more awesome things for this community and if we do really awesome things for the community that they appreciate the net result is they now have a reason to help us continue to grow if all we care about is them buying our crap well that only lasts so long then that’s not interesting to me i want to do my best to create not only things that i find interesting but tools that i think can help other people experience really awesome experiences you know tools that help people live the life that they want to live you know just thinking about the frustration of using a shitty tool oh i’ve used my share of shitty tools right or worse yet i don’t even have the tool even a shitty version of it so now i need to take one or two or three other tools and make a tool generally a shitty tool right just so i can get the task accomplished so now that we have all these amazing capabilities when i’m talking capabilities i’m not just talking about cnc machines i’m talking about people people both that work for this company and people that are part of the community out there that are giving us valuable feedback on our products sometimes they’re not very nice about the feedback but i don’t care i love all the feedback and it in it might sound really cheesy but i think i love the negative feedback the most even though it’s kind of painful to read sometimes it contains some of the most valuable information and i appreciate that person taking the time to write it down and to make us aware of it so we can solve that problem and make everything better you know to me the definition of a company existing is the universe has a desire and when a company succeeds in fulfilling that desire the universe becomes happy and it desires more a company exists at the convenience of the universe and its communities if we don’t support the communities that support us we die i mean to the real world dynavap is an idea supported by a consensus that it’s a fantastic thing minus all the assets and things like that everything is just ideas being supported by communities in in and out of contextual consensus i totally agree and when you look at some of our earlier stage product i don’t know what better example you could possibly ask for i mean it just it was terrible did it work yeah but in comparison to what we’re able to make now because the community thought you know what we can work with this we’ll give it a shot oh okay well thank you for giving us a try we’re gonna aspire to do better is this better oh yeah that’s much better we like that one more okay cool how can we make it better well you can do this this and this all right well then we’re gonna do that and now we have uh five years of evolution and we’ve got products that are actually pretty nice yeah five years man that’s that’s pretty impressive every year you know i was talking the other day about that like every year in new vape there’s a lot of pressure you said you feel like this one’s your best yet i do this is an opportunity maybe to uh land on one for a while right and instead of have to have a new one next year maybe just do cool color tweaks or whatever who knows you know and and that’s actually a direction that we’re contemplating because you know how much better does it need to be how much better can it be well it can always be better always especially when we think about technological evolution how it’s continuing to move and progress and evolve there’s going to be new materials there’s going to be new manufacturing process in methodology which will enable us to make things even better yet but if we can’t make a substantial improvement well then maybe we should be shifting our focus onto something that needs more improvement there’s there’s a chance that yeah we might shift some of our focus on developing some other things that uh are going to help make the overall experience of our products better because in the end that’s what we seek as individuals we seek experiences right and if a product facilitates a good experience it’s a product we tend to like that’s the dynavap success doesn’t it seem simple make a good quality product support it and people will buy it things are great man it’s like every time i use one and i get a little lit i’m always like damn like i don’t have to use much

this [ _ ] reminds me i might be wasting by using these big vapes all the time it might be but does it make you happy in the end that’s what matters yes you all you all make me happy i had a question related to the iterational conversation of the m design bit all right cool it kind of you kind of answered it as i was trying to formulate the question in my head so now i can’t i don’t have anything to ask it was related to the except the dsds try to separate the opinions of like enthusiast people versus like a newcomer because i i imagine as as your brand grows so much of your vape sorry ted your ted sails are are going to new new to thermal extraction people like they’re they’re new to the scene and they’re just picking up their very first product from from dynavap and to them all of the iterations of the past are not super relevant but in the enthusiast space people love to really discuss the intricate yet subtle details between the early iterations and even the the different tip options and the cap options and and they pick them apart and present them in in dare i say media style sensationalized opinions sure and it’s really kind of fun to watch because uh what do we have going on here and it’s association right when a thing is part of a very good positive and invigorating experience right you develop attachment to that thing and if it continues to reinforce that on a regular basis right that attachment becomes stronger you know whether it’s a pet whether it’s a car right or just a person that you uh you associate with regularly you develop relationships so there’s tends to be these positive reinforcing experiences associated with that relationship again whether it’s with the person or the thing it doesn’t matter and so here comes nostalgia even though that old thing you know the original glass vap cap the black rubber mouthpiece is not exactly a thing of beauty if it was that first experience with it that all of a sudden huh you mean i don’t have to light it on fire and it just becomes this revelation moment and it’s just going to stick with you all along versus today you know you can pick up one of these fancy new titanium omnis that is much much better designed engineered functional has so much more to it is so much easier to use performs i think substantially better and is much more predictable the person’s going to have that kind of an experience with a tool like this versus the simple tool so they’re not going to feel that nostalgia because they haven’t had those positive reinforcing experiences along the way and so again for the people that have they like to share those experiences with other people and the various older devices iterations in the nuance it’s a topic conversation no different than talking about the football game last week and you know it’s it’s our human nature trying to associate tangible things with intangible experiences people like to be a part of things well they do and no different than uh it’s this is funny uh eric just walked in all right oh man what’s up eric tell him he said hey so if you were to uh i’d be willing to bet that both of you guys have a ticket from a concert from a movie from an event from something that you went to whether it was a you know a year ago or even five years ago stuck somewhere in your underwear drawer it doesn’t matter it’s just a shitty piece of paper but it means something to you because it’s directly associated with a positive experience yeah okay that’s when i realized i could be a order when i saw that [ _ ] i had because of that and that’s that’s another example you know why do people collect all this stuff right you know some people do it because it’s something to do right and their collection is something that they can look at and they it it gives them just a little jolt of the memory of that positive experience they had when they acquired it when they used it when they first had it when someone shared it with them whatever it might be and if we don’t have additional sources of these positive reinforcing experiences in our life that are associated with things other than things right associated with other people associated with travel associated with things other than things well then we tend to collect lots of things this is a big part of the reason why it’s so important that we as as an individual person are engaged with at least one community of some sort on some level that community provides us with that support structure so that we can be more in balance but balance is not sustainable balance requires an ongoing input of some sort of energy and it’s super easy to take it’s a really large heavy thing that’s just nicely balanced when it just starts to shift just a little bit you can take your finger and you can push it right back takes almost no effort even if it weighs thousands of pounds it’s just slightly out of balance it takes almost no effort to tip it right back and to hold it there you can hold a really heavy object balance with two fingers i don’t know if you’ve ever tried it it’s really kind of interesting but you let it get a few degrees out of balance and it’ll crush you and this is what happens to some people as they’re navigating their life and they’re not making the best choices things get out of balance and you know you let it go too far and you get crushed now the good news is if you have a community around you as things are getting out of balance and you’ve done a good job creating and nurturing the community around you now you’ve got hopefully a few additional hands that can help help you contend with something that’s further out of balance than you could handle by yourself you support that community and they can help you put things back in balance support systems are important yeah speaking of balance someone’s gonna have to edit uh two and a half hours sorry guys i i didn’t mean to do this to you oh no do you need to talk about any more product or anything like that or is we just having kind of a session on psychology no we just wanted to talk like we always do and make sure we talked about the products so we could get some clips for the show and have stuff for the future we’ve done everything we wanted and just enjoyed hanging out with you man so i got eric here and we’re gonna get back to work we’ve got dynajam coming up here in a couple days we got to make sure we got that ready to go is that uh like the last one as far as we get to watch along too you’re still welcome to come here if you want yeah i know man i know i i i sent you a note about that we we tried to work it out but i wish but can we can we watch it online like the last one yeah we’re going to live stream it on discord or on is that discord or is it the twitch yeah thank you twitch youtube facebook youtube as many channels as we possibly can and i’m hoping that it’ll be successful enough that we can justify doing it again in about a month there we go because yeah absolutely we’ve kind of discussed this and we really want to turn this into something that we can do regularly i think it’s another thing we can do to contribute to the community by supporting some of these artists and performers that are really struggling right now and at the same time i think that they’re whether they realize it or not part of the community that is really uh beneficial for dynavap to support they’re already in the space that we tend to be in let’s help them and hopefully in exchange for us helping them they’re going to help us become more familiar and more aware to other people out there and that means we can then help more artists and performers and the wheel keeps on turning i i love that play because and you’re in you’re in madison and madison is an amazing music scene and not only is it an amazing music scene but it’s an amazing music scene that’s been supported by like street teams and word of mouth and exactly the type of energy that you’re putting into this well it is and you know because we can’t easily advertise as a company because of our product because of regulations and because of the fact that a lot of the big media companies don’t like the products that we manufacture which is really too bad because i think our products are lifestyle products and they help people live a life that’s much more in line with what they’re seeking thermally extract the active compounds that you want to consume anyway don’t light them on fire live a happier life simple as that and if we can support people pursuing their dreams as an artist as a performer that sounds awesome let’s do that i gotta tell you guys i’m i’m so optimistic for this year it’s it’s almost difficult to contain myself i feel the same way too despite all the doom and gloom that’s going on i’m like this all looks like opportunity to me man this looks like you know more more good this is the moment like when you flip the omelet and when it comes over it’s like oh look at that [ __ ] nice crust look at that beautifully oh you see it’s such a perfect analogy troy because in my opinion where we are at right now the world is about to wake up and i think certain uh certain joints are going to be a little bit achy and a little bit crabby and they may not exactly enjoy that fact but uh overall i think as the world wakes up there’s gonna be some people that are just ready to go and ready to do and are looking for the positive experiences that they’ve been missing out on for the past year it’s going to be interesting and i’m going to do everything that i possibly can and trying to coordinate with as many people as possible to make it as positive as we can

always contributing to the positive my man yeah i like that i don’t do well with negative i just don’t and it makes me happy to know that i’m the same way man we were talking about uh reviewing vapes and stuff and uh i typically only talk about [ _ ] that i like because i figure i got i got only so much time to talk i need to talk about [ _ ] i don’t like and contribute to that kind of stuff so it’s not even worth talking about the negative stuff unless you can do something about it otherwise all you’re doing is you’re just propagating negativity let’s talk about the positive things or a positive thing that we’d like to do i’d like to be part of supporting more artists because i kind of feel like an artist at heart i get to totally make things right thank you for being with us tonight george i had a really good time well yeah thanks thanks for having me guys it was a lot of fun do it again you just let me know when i always anticipate to like anticipate or anticipate asking you a few questions and then being inspired from those questions but a lot of times you you inspire me in such a way where i turn to more of a self-reflection rather than a uh let’s let’s question george on on deep things you know so i i appreciate that it’s not it’s not often that i get uh inspired in in in that way that’s all it’s it’s your inner troy finding what it’s actually seeking yeah totally i appreciate it man thanks so much i really do we’re going to a blast with this uh using it in the shows and also yeah and congratulations on the the 2021 lineup overhaul a fantastic job kudos to you and the whole team i am so thrilled with what the people here at this company have pulled off it it almost it is hard to describe because uh when it came to past that you know what let’s just try and launch all three products brand new redo them all like is that even possible and somehow we managed to solve enough problems and got it done you asked the question you found an answer good job anyway uh enjoy those uh devices and uh let me know if we can be of any further assistance awesome thanks george appreciate your man thank you all right buddy you