Vapefiend plays Vape FUK. Better known as Forget, Update, Keep. Let’s see what George picks when he’s in the hot seat!

Vapefiend Vape FUK Selections

Forget DaVinci IQ2: A great vape with an upgrade nobody asked for, USB-C charging. At this point, George would just like to see something new from DaVinci.

Update – VapeXhale Cloud EVO: A now discontinued vaporizer, that did get a cosmetic update (new body, same device), that George would have loved to seen get fully upgraded.

KeepTafee Bowle: “I’m keeping the cup!” George loves this vape (so does Jerry), and we are big advocates for getting over the fact that it has a cup attachment. You either love the feature or you think it’s a bit of a gimmick, but the fact of the matter is that this is a world class vape. Definitely one that Jerry would agree is a keeper.

Now it’s your turn. We’ve asked Sneaky Pete and Vapefiend for their Vape FUK picks, tell us yours in the comments!

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