Stache Products is a company run by people you want to hangout with. Rod Santos, Stache Products Founder and the man behind our favorite dab rig, The RiO, is passionate about creating portable devices that deliver great hits for both heavy users and microdosers. His latest innovation? The DigiTul, available on 4/20.

We talk about what it means to be innovative in the cannabis space, how the RiO has evolved, microdosing dabs, and products that are still in the works.

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Sesh with Rod Santos

Troy: [00:00:00] And this is rod, the founder of stache products and the inventor of the Rio, the product that we’re always using and all of our shows. Basically.

Rod: I appreciate you guys. Thanks for having me.

Troy: Rod you’ve, you’ve changed the gabbing game for a lot of people. A lot of people that the Rio has changed their life it’s changed the way we smoke weed.

Rod: I used to make a, a wax pen as I think, Troy, you might remember stache pen. Um, that’s what I started off with. And it was really hard to really, um, distinguish myself in the crowd because everybody was doing that at the time. That was a very easy product for people to copy. And, um, I got lost in the crowd very quickly and, uh, I wanted to make something that I used everyday because when we would go to these trade shows, I heard a customer of mine saying we went to my room and hang out and sesh, and I pulled out a torch.

I put out a rig and he was like, well, wait a minute, you don’t use your stash pen. And I was like, well, I do, but that’s, if I don’t have a torch in my, in my rig, like my torch, I’m a torch. So from that point on, I said, you know, why are we selling things that are like a dab or close to a dab? Why don’t we try to figure out a way to give someone that portable dab that they get from the torch?

You know, I saw people carrying these big Pelican cases and thousands of dollars worth of glass. And I’m like, man, I would never carry my heady glass out the out my room of glass. We’ve we thought the reel would be a great middle of, for everybody, um, to be able to carry it around, you can get nice glass for it or just use that.

Jerry: What is that? Is that something that’s coming out soon or

Rod: the base? Yes. This will be the base that we’re going to be doing in future, which is the new Rio base. Um, there’s no more in the back. It’s a. It’s all one piece. Now there’s no more holes. These little grooves here play a gigantic role. Um, if you, I don’t have an old bass with you right now, but if you’re left or right handed, if you’re holding it like this, or you’re holding it like this, these brews allow you to.

The smallest amount will help that thing not fall out of your hand on this, just straight like this, a little bit of water, a little bit, his hand sweat. Could it allow the weight to allow the product to fall? Exactly. So, so with this, a tiny bit of geometry right here, um, it, I mean, even for like, uh, a person that does mountain climbing is kind of where I got the depth size.

The depth size is really all a mountain climber really needs to hold himself up. So that’s how I got this depth was, um, to really look at like, Hey, what do I need to be able to hold my own body weight? Could me, or let’s say. Mountain climber hold her support his weight if they had only that. And I think the answer would be yes.

Um, so that’s because again, I mean, when you get this base really try, like tear it out of your hand, like really put the effort into it. Don’t like, half-ass it really, like I told the guys here, I sit here trying to tear this out of my hand. And I said, put the other one in my hand. And that one, they tore out of my hand very easily.

Try and tear it out. It’s just, it’s just a good, comfortable grip. It’s a perfect grip.

Jerry: Yeah. I’m going to win all the RiO wars, man. I’m going to win them all. And nobody’s ripping this thing out of my hand

Rod: Exactly. So yeah, the tether we just added that you can buy that on a website. It’s it works well, saves the carbs.

It’s called save the carbs yeah, because man, people break, break carbs. It’s even funny because people are coughing when they use the Rio. Um, the cough and the cough makes the any card really bouncy and wobbly, especially the older one. It’s top heavy

Jerry: look at you. Rod crushing that.

Rod going to town, brother, look at that. That’s how you dab. Damn. That was a big ass fucking dab you put in there, man. Like Troy goes about twice as big as me and I think he went about twice as big as

Rod: I do. Like 0.4 is 0.3.

Jerry: Yeah, that’s my boy. You can, you can have those man. I’ll, I’ll stay on the smaller side. That’s fucking great, man.

Rod: I think you guys don’t smoke throughout the day than I do, maybe three or four times mashing all day

Jerry: Technically vape. Just so everybody’s watching those when we’re vaping that stuff.

Yeah, man. What a rod. We got, we got a question from, uh, from one of our editors wanting to know what inspired the Rio. [00:05:00] No, it’s a great shape. What brought that?

Rod: Um, well, a, I didn’t want it to be a Puffco. I didn’t want to be another, because a lot of that shape is, would end up looking like, kind of like that round Puffco shape.

I guess you could say the thing about the glass, the glass sitting, the way it needs to under the real porch or any torch on the market. Ultimately. Is this. So you ultimately, you’re getting a square out of this, out of this combination of glass. Anyway, even if I were to use around, around shaped glass, it’ll just end up being like a square that got into a smaller square at the top.

There’s no way to go around that square thing. If you’re going to calve this torch, being this way. Um, and this is our proprietary torch. Um, we thought about other ways of booting it into the base and doing things of that nature, but we know the backdrop of that. And then any torches on the market that you would just put like this straight up, you’re going to get like a quarter of the dabs out of the atom you would out of the group.

’cause in Rio. You’re getting, I think Troy, Ashley did this. We’ve come to find out. You can get anywhere from 55 out of like 78 dabs out of one Rio Fil. So there’s really no real portable dab break on the market, that battery or anything else that can really compete with that. Even like the torches, like the blazer in that they put out so much butane.

After you heat it up, maybe three or four times, you’re going to have to refill that, that blazer. Cause it puts out such a strong. That thing is just zero to a hundred and there is no leg, zero to 60 on the, on the, on the blazer. It’s just like big flame all the time. And big flame equals a lot of fuel.

Troy: Totally. And, and I, and I did do that in my initial, initial, real review. And I think it was like 73 on my first time and then 78 on my second time. And then 68 on my third try, try. And it’s

ridiculous. I don’t remember the last time I filled my Rio. But I know that I feel that

I know it filled like two of my Dynavap torches in the last week I filled that filled the big shot.

No last week

Rod: That is from there, man. I never remember the last time I feel we’ll go to a trade show. Like you guys know I’ll fill it up. As soon as I land, I’ll buy a can of butane. We’ll go around and give everybody at these few dabs, everybody at the after party, dabs and wants to try. And I’m still like, do I even need to fill this thing up again?

And then I’ll go a second day like that and a third. And like, man, I’m Chuck chancing it and I don’t fill it up. And then by the time I leave, I use that can butane one time. It’s like five days in Vegas. And it’s like given like half of Vegas that, and I still used one, one can.

Jerry: I’m the exact opposite. I couldn’t tell you how many

um, hits, I get off this thing. I just know that we use it throughout the day and evening every single day at night. And, uh, I fill it up every six to seven days. ,

Rod: Oh wow. See, I don’t know. But I see also too, this is what I tell people. I built the real and made the real. Portable dabs when I’m at home. What I use every day, all day is my email.

And it’s not something I even created. It’s not my idea. None of that. It’s just, I’m, I’m, I’m an efficient guy. Um, and I’m about, Hey, I’m going to put, I just died on Overwatch and I have 38 seconds. Exactly. I’m going to run to my smoking room. Slap a dab in that junk get getting clean it out real quick and run back to my controller and like have 10 seconds before the game kicks me out or something.

So like, I’m all about that. Like if I had to torch it up and do all that, then clean with banger, it just it’s a different process. And so I’m at home. It’s about efficiency. I keep my email. Um, I don’t ever really use my real at home. It’s at work or in my car or when I’m traveling. Um, so maybe that might be the difference, but I do use it at work at least, I don’t know, two times, at least when I’m at work.

Jerry: No, this is my primary at home and out, honestly. Um, if I have some electrics that I like, cause I’m, I’m a fan. I started off on those until I got the reader. Like I was an electric rig guy. And then when. Tell me how to use the Rio. I was like, holy shit. That is another, another level.

Rod: Do you clean your banger ever with your torch to?

Jerry: I used to, until I started getting all that cruddy, chazzy, white nasty shit on the bottom.

And so I stopped and now, um, I’m using the dark crystal with just a little bit of heat from the torch and I haven’t had any of that shit build up on the box.

Rod: Yeah, I just, as I just say not to, because it takes up so much of your fuel, but, um, I used like, I’ll use a blazer if I ever wanted, like, um, um, to claim my nail completely.

I just don’t ever [00:10:00] get it red, hot ever, just because that’s how you get the white chazzings. When you get like numerous times of red hot, or that’s how you get that white stuff. That’s impossible to then remove really.

Troy: D ventrification

Jerry: yeah. One of the things I love about you, rod is you’re, you’re clearly one of us, you’re one of the people that uses these things.

You’re not just somebody who’s got a company, cause there’s a, there’s an opportunity. No, you clearly beat the hell out of these things and design them for us, man. I love that. I mean, like I said, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s my main rig everywhere. Like, I’ll take it like you I’ll take it on the go and in the car, but even at home, it’s, it’s what I grab all the time.

Troy, you’re the same way.

Troy: I use I use mine at home. Uh, I alternate, like I, I have, I have an email that beeps flight. Yeah, and I can do dabs and flower at the same time, but I still, I still reach for the Rio or for, uh, a dab experience just because like the, the on-court torching ritual has something to it.

Like there’s something.

It’s dynamic. Like every, every dad, even if I have the same three grams of rosin that I’m going through with the re. Every day, even if I’m doing, doing the same, same size, every dab, it can be a little bit different, just be just because of the subtle differences in timing with the torch.

Rod: And that’s what I don’t like. It like, uh, like about electric, unless it’s from my email. Um, it’s the inconsistency. Um, because you know, I don’t load that point through your point for every time. Sometimes I go smaller, sometimes I go bigger. So that makes a huge difference, you know? It just means leaving on there a couple extra seconds or taking it off a couple extra seconds.

It’s that much, that big of a difference, you know, and you can’t do that with medium heat setting on something, you know? Oh, just put it on blue. Like what, what does that even mean? What does that, what temperature is that? Oh, uh, 4 38. Doesn’t it, but that determines like how hard I’m breathing in through it and how much oil should be in that bucket.

There’s, there’s so much that goes into the temperature of oil inside, uh, inside of like the reservoir temperature and the, the dab scale tool. Um, also my next one too. Um, this is the first app scale tool on the market as well. Um, something that you can actually, you can go in there and do it that way. Um, you can go in this way.

Um, and then if you do hold it in your hand, um, it, you could have a variance of the temperature of the weight. Um, but if you, if all you do is get it weighed out and put it down for one second and it’ll beep and then you can go directly dab that you’ll get true. True, true temper, uh, to true a weight of what you’re dabbing.

So then at that point, somebody knows, Hey, I’m getting a 0.3 when I go in there, because like, when you go in there, like you said, you don’t know how much Troy’s consuming, nor does Troy know how much he’s consuming at the end of the day when it comes to oil. Um, and then, uh, this tool, um, and this kind of thing was actually really inspired by.

Um, people like fuck combustion and the people that watch your kind of show because people like me that just kind of go out as much as my dad tool can hold is how much I dab, how much I’d add is like how much you’d have whatever my dad who can hold. Sometimes I go in twice for that. Um, but some people are like, well, I like to stay in between 0.1 or 0.2.

And I’m like, how do you even know that? Like I don’t and I’m like, so. There’s a huge need for that. You guys told me a lot of, a lot of your customer base, like microdose and I didn’t even know. I thought that was just a mushroom thing. Um, I didn’t know the micro dose THC, so I was like, oh, okay. So there’s a, there’s a need for that.

I think even people that are they’re taking one gram dabs prove it. You know, that’s how I say that. Let’s see you say that taking one gram dab, don’t just stretch out a point. Uh, of some shatter, uh, to, to make it look like a foot-long and, and drop it in right now. So that thing I’m excited, these, these, these, these items to come out.

Jerry: Yeah.

Rod: So, yeah, we don’t want to be a rebrand company. We want to be innovative.

Troy: I admire that and I appreciate that as well. Uh there’s there’s a lot of that in the industry have consulted with a lot of it, then it was very disappointing. And that’s one thing I’ve always really admired about, about you when I saw you developing the RiO years ago on Instagram and talking about it and being open.

Vulnerable the way you were showing your, your intentions and your plans and you’re sharing them with the community. Yeah. I love that. Love that. And I was happy to be an early supporter.

Rod: Yeah, [00:15:00] yeah. A hundred percent. You guys have, uh, always been there since the beginning.

Troy: So I am, I’m always excited to see what you’re doing and what you’re or you’re pushing because, uh, I think when it comes to the cradle of innovation, a lot of it is coming from you, man.

There, there are very few. Real innovators and the cannabis inhalation space.

Rod: Well, there are, there’s a lot of us, I think a lot of the people you guys deal with tend to be the biggest innovators as well, but they’re not into mass production. A lot of the other guys that you guys deal with, they’re more of hands made small run, but they out outsourcing mass production and doing.

30,000 units a year is not something I think a lot of them would ever want to ever go. Cause they’re, you know, they’re like the American glass blower and that’s what I respect about them too, is that, but that’s where all this innovation comes.

Jerry: Shit, rod speaking to the industry, man. Where, where do you see stache in five years, man?

Where, w what do you think, man? What’s your, what’s your vision for that? And, and where do you think the industry’s gonna be?

Rod: Um, I think it’s something where we were just talking about. I think a lot, I think five years ago where it is today it’s changed dramatically five years ago. It was a lot of wax pen companies selling the same thing.

Different logos, a lot of, um, overseas brands. And now you go and you see the strong survive after the COVID. Um, there’s a lot less brands coming here now. Um, and I think they’re the ones that took care of the customers. They’re the ones that make good products. Um, and, um, it’s, it’s something that to show.

That’s what’s going to be in 10 years, maybe less. Um, I’m hoping more people work together. I’m thinking I’m hoping there’s more collaboration between the hard work of brands. That’s something that’s lacking in our, in our industry is. Bus working with, with each other, like, I would love to work, do a collaboration with Puffco in some way, shape or form.

Uh, we, um, we can’t talk about them yet, but w w we are working with, with, with, with some brands are designing things for some, for some other brands, um, that what people would call competing brands. We’re working with them instead of against them. Um, so, you know, they’re, they, they know something, I know something let’s do that.

Um, so instead of saying, Hey, look, I’m going to work this on my own. I said, Hey, look, I’m doing this. You are having. The materials for this, something you make ready, this is a price point and trying to meet you think we can work this out somehow. I don’t know. Let’s see it out. That’s the attitude I want to hear.

Like, I don’t want to hear like, nah, man, fuck that we’re competing people like, and the next week you see this dude selling my product that I was talking about. It’s like, what the hell? Why would you do that? It’s like, well, I don’t know. I saw that you’re going to do it. So then I figured I do it. It’s like, ah, fuck it.

I’m here to make money. That’s just so rude. Like there’s, I don’t feel like there’s that in the art industry, maybe there is maybe there’s that in the music industry too. And since I’m not involved in it, I just don’t see it, you know? Um, but

Jerry: yeah, Troy and I talk about that all the time. As far as the way we work together and wanting to work with other people, we want to, we want to work with people where we can all.

Benefit each other and spiral upward together. You know what I’m saying? So, yeah, that’s, that’s the ticket, man. There’s not enough of that out there, but you know, we can, we can change that just by starting ourselves. So

Rod: yeah, a hundred percent.

Jerry: Well, that’s dope, man. I appreciate that. Yeah. So five years from now more of the same,

Rod: yeah, for more of the same, um, I would see stache

um, what we want to be is unknown. Um, you know, we don’t want to be the most popular person in a room. We want to be that, you know, th th the people, everybody copies the homework off of, um, we want to be the most innovative. We want to be the people get ideas from and want to build their, their, their newer products off that concept.

Maybe don’t copy my exact thing. Really, I want to help other brands think outside the box. Um, I remember like I I’m a consumer at the end of the day. I love seeing cool stuff. I want to buy cool things too. Um, you know, I wish I wish my shelf looked like that. Like yours, didn’t behind you. Um, Cool products, but I got really tired of buying something, being let down, being like, man, this is just like the other one.

It’s just a different logo

Jerry: Troy has fallen apart, man. I love you.

Rod: Troy’s a real smoker, man. You guys are all real smokers. That’s why I appreciate you guys. It was great rude. There’s a lot of people that do what you guys do too. And don’t actually smell, you know what I mean? There’s a lot of people

Troy: we understand it’s. Sad. It makes me, it makes me the sads

Rod: When [00:20:00] there are brand owners that are successful in my field and I’ll have personal conversations with them.

And they told me that they don’t smoke and they’ll use the words like pothead or something like that. I get really like, I’ll speak up to them. Like you understand that as potheads pay your bills. Right, right. You understand that? Right. He probably shut up about people calling people.

Troy: Yeah. It’s a weird, it’s a weird space sometimes when that happens. When, when other owners manufacturers, designers don’t, don’t currently use, and sometimes they have reasons, you know, sometimes they, they have, uh, you know, whatever reasoning they currently have. Yeah. Other times there is not, not interested at all.

And they’re purely for the business.

Jerry: Yeah. Well, you know, there’s business opportunities that don’t necessarily require subject matter expertise. You know what I’m saying? Like if you, if you’re good enough at SEO, you could go out and look at other people’s, uh, content and. No, Regurgitator, we’re better SEO if you want.

And there are people out there who do that shit.

Troy: Plenty of people doing it already. Jesus, Jerry don’t encourage them.

Jerry: That’s great. No, that’s actually impossible. Nevermind. Don’t ever

Troy: But there, I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s a lot of vape manufacturers. There are people just designing vapes based on other vapes without knowing why or how this.

It’s supposed to work engineers, the developing products that they’ve never fucking used and they’re on the market.

Rod: A hundred percent. Every, every output I’ll tell you this for a fact, every, every outsourced, that’s not in America, where oil is not legal and you would go and spend years in jail.

If you got caught in that country with oil and there’s a product coming out of. And there wasn’t some kind of American developer or design behind it. How could you trust that? Like when of my first manufacturer I ever worked with like nine years ago, when we were making a stash, Finn, they would send me sample videos of the coil and it, what they would put inside of it was toothpaste.

The show, like the consistency of wax and how we’ll bubble it up. And then I was like, I use this toothpaste and they’re like, yeah. And I was like, and then like the next time they use like, like jelly or something, petroleum jelly because whatever, they just think, they just think of the same consistency of wax could be, this should be, and they weren’t inhaling it.

And they were just holding it like this and showing like the vape coming off of it. And I told them that. Nah, nah, nah, sorry, bro. You’re gonna have to definitely send me the sample and I’m asked to try it for like five months and then we’ll go from there. That’s how R and D works.

Troy: So when I went to my first, my very first champs trade show, I think it was 2016 or 2017.

I, I was, I need to be making videos and I probably had like 7,000 subscribers on YouTube or some shit. And I, and I went to champs and I was walking around and this, this lady approached me, this Chinese lady. And, and she was a huge fan and she’s like, I can’t believe I’m meeting you. Uh, I own this vape company and I, I use all, I make all of my engineers and designers and employees watch all of your videos.

I’m like, oh my God, that’s such an honor. And she’s like, she’s like, well, we’re, they’re all in China. Cannabis is, is illegal. So we, we have no hands-on experience with the products whatsoever. So watching your videos, your videos are so hands-on that they’re basically the training manual for our designers and our engineers.

Like we are watching your videos. And designing and designing our next products based on how you’ve reviewed our products, as well as all of the other products on the market.

Rod: So that’s not just China. I would have never cared how much I get. I don’t care. I’ve never been like, I need to generally dab a point to right now.

I’ve never needed to know how much I’m dabbing. Um, I’ve needed to do that with my weed, but that’s something that came from a conversation with, with you guys. And I did, I mean, it wasn’t like that same week. It was like, A year later when I was like, yo, that conversation we’ll try like a year ago. Well, brow, you know, like it hit like that.

That’s how it was. It was like, whoa, did I have an idea? Like, it’s always like that for me. It’s like, and that was how it was, it was conversation. Troy’s taught [00:25:00] saying something about making a smaller banger for people to be able to microdose. I’m pretty sure that that candy pins thing. And I was like micro dosing, wax.

I was like, I saw Troy take a dab. And I was like, oh, micro dosing. I get that. I get, I get what you’re saying now. And I think at something like this is important and you brought up to the attention because. I would never thought of that. I would have, it’s not something I come to cost mine, my daily issues and I design off daily issues. I have

Jerry: Troy, you always do the honors on describing these legacy questions. You want to do that? Sure.

Troy: So what we’ve done with these all, like I say, questions is, as we’ve interviewed guests, we’ve asked them to leave a question behind. So we have, we’ve asked them to ask us a question that we answer, but then we also.

Regurgitate that question for future guests. So while, while we’re asking you a few of these legacy questions, you can, you can think of a legacy question to ask us after we, after we ask you these legacy questions that did that, explain it well? Yeah, pretty fucking stoned right now. So

Jerry: we’re going to ask you a couple of questions and then you’re going to ask us one.

Troy: Uh, so one of the legacy questions, and I think it was from Pranav is if you could sesh with any, any animal and communicate openly and yada yada magical, you know, worlds collide. What animal would you such with?

Rod: My dogs,

Troy: dude, your dogs are fucking awesome.

Rod: Immediately. I wouldn’t even hesitate and it’d be my dogs, my, my oldest two dogs.

If I could only pick one, it would be my, my, my oldest dog that I’ve had Bella, but I’ve always wanted to, to talk to them, especially like my son, my 16 year old. He’s like really, really, really older. Now. I’ve always wanted to just be like, yeah, you had a good life, homie. Like anything I can do for you? Like, is there like a dog shirt club can take you to.

Sonya, what do you need, man? Like, like, is there any kind of like, Last requests because he’s like, I hate even saying that. And he’s like, I called the vet today just to make sure. Cause I take him there at least like once a month, make sure he’s not, uh, in pain. Cause that’s a big thing for me. That’s sort of touching, man.

If there’s an opportunity for me to do something and say this dog life, and I’m not, he’s not going to be in pain afterwards. You can still eat, walk around, smell of grass. Enjoy. I’ll do it. Um, and I have it’s a lot of my savings had gone into that dog. Um, but I would do it every single time, a thousand times because he’s giving me life, uh, who at least for at least 20 years, he’s kept me on this planet.

Um, yeah, dogs, you’re everything to me. So I’ve been like, I literally kept me alive cause I’m like, I can’t, I can’t leave this place and leave them, but now I have a son coming this year. Um, shit’s crazy.

Jerry: That’s amazing, man. Thanks for sharing. I love that with your dogs. All right, so here’s another one. This one was left by George.

Pretty cool question. Describe a time preferably in the future when you will be the happiest,

Rod: the happiest, the happiest happiest be November 29th. When my baby is born, uh,

Jerry: Nice.

Rod: That’s probably going to be your first person first and last. I think, I mean, we’re, we talked about adopting now because I was, we were going to adopt next year and then we started our, my business started doing a little, a little bit better.

Um, I could finally not have two jobs Monday. Wow. Good. And it’s a beautiful thing. So me, I’m looking very forward to,

Troy: it’s beautiful. You and your wife are a lovely couple. She’s amazing. And I’m excited for your family to grow

Rod: thank you. Thank you that you think you really appreciate that. I’m glad you guys got all to meet her as well.

Um, and she’s huge in cannabis, something. Um, we started a podcast, a stash cast, cause we’re coming out with a membership. Um, so we’re coming out with a membership plan. Um, it’s going to have a cast. It’s going to extend people’s warranties. You’ll be able to buy our products, I think a month before anybody else will.

Um, you’ll get free things. You’ll get 15% off our website year round. Um, so it’s going to have. Crazy benefits for it. The podcast is something that I’m not even a part of, like I’m in the room and they had, they do like their first taping. I wasn’t even a part of it. Like they did it without me. Like, I was like, all right, we’re going to do a podcast.

And I was like, all right, tight. And I was [00:30:00] like, Hey, there’s only four chairs in here and it’s 24 months. And they’re like, well, three JS is here in town, so he’s the special guest this week. So maybe you could be a special guest next week. You know what I’m saying? I was like, wait a minute, wait the fuck, you guys see the name out front of the door here.

I was like, what do you mean? I’m that part of my own podcast? Like, well, it was our idea right now. Whatever I went on Instagram live and I was like, I want to do my own podcast. I’m gonna call it broadcast. Well, I liked that that

Jerry: rod cast that’ll work.

Troy: I like it.

Rod: But we’re going to have there. It’s going to be a part in the. In the membership where people can see like ideas like this while I’m working on, I’m like, um, you know, like it’ll show me, I have videos of me like soldering and putting things together and, you know, going through the process of making this base, you know, um, making the, the, this, you know, things that people want to see, I think, you know, they might not want to see it.

They might even want to see me like take a nose dab, which then you came to the wrong place. Um, because I’m not going to do that. Okay. Um, there’ll be no news depths. I ride zero, not on the broadcast now. Um, but what I was saying is I think she is going to be, my wife is going to come on on here one day and talk because she went from smoking every day, um, to not smoking, um, taking no opiates for every, all the brain stuff that she had and the tumor and the cancer stuff she had to taking nothing.

Um, you know, not even RSO, nothing anymore. Um, and I would love to, you know, because I’ve seen her go through it like a champ, um, and not be able to smoke, not be able to indulge in certain, certain activities. Um, because she’s pregnant. I think that’s something that a lot of people don’t know or even talk about too.

Like do pregnant women continue to smoke after they’re pregnant, if they do, how long did you, how many months after they do, they only do edibles? You know, I think those are all things that I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody talk about that stuff. I know that like, Certain women will have, um, drinks with their, when they’re pregnant, like a glass of wine or something, or like a half glass of wine or something, but that’d be something cool.

I think that we’re in Thom and podcast is, is bringing her on and talk about that. Talking about the membership to, um, a book. I think that, I think, um, we talked to you guys about as well, we’re almost finished that. Um, very important. I think education in our, in our, in our industries, the biggest issue, um, that was hardware and the.

Um, when you talked to dispensary’s, they there, their lowest selling product is oil and waxes. Um, they sell a lot of flour and then it’s carts. And then very little bit of wax, like five to 10% of their, uh, products sold and waxes is five to 10%. I’m competitive to dry urban carts. Um, so, and that’s because of knowledge, I think it’s because people don’t know or they’re intimidated by even the re.

Um, so like the connector or just knowing how to really consume. So, um, we’ve been working on a book for almost 12 months now, not a gigantic book. Um, I would say I think 20 some pages, um, on consuming how to consume what it’s what’s vaping, what is induction? What is convection? What is, uh, combustion? Um, what are the temperatures?

What are the devices? That are out there. Um, we talk about our products. We talk about other products. Um, it’s not just about getting our name out there. It’s really trying to help the education. And we, we, we want it to be something that people, the dispensers give away for free. Um, so it’s not something we want to ultimately sell.

Um, we want to be able to. Give these out for free, you know, have these in every dispensary and it can have, you know, we, we want a lot of, you know, uh, quotes and different things from people that are very educated in this. Either approached you guys directly to say, Hey, um, how can we include you in this?

Because I think this is something very important, um, because you guys are an education source for. Um, and trusted, trusted, trusted one at that, at least, especially for myself

Jerry: right on man. I like that. That sounds killer my little book. This, this may not be fair since you’ve been doing all the talking, but do you have a question that you have that you wanted to lead behind?

Or do you need some time to think about that?

Rod: No, I can ask a question. Um, I would say, what, what did you want to do when you were a kid? What did you want to. When you were alone when you were a kid, and if you are anywhere close to being that in any way, shape or form, I know that what I used to do, I was very far [00:35:00] from what I wanted to do and what I do today, actually do exactly what I wanted to do.

One group. When I was little growing up, I wanted it to be inventor. I wanted to be a maker. I wanted to, I used to blow out my parents use box. I used to not know what I was doing. You know, I was raised by a mechanic and the engineer, my grandfather mechanic engineer, uh, uncles, mechanic, engineers, uh, odd mechanic engineer.

I have all mechanical engineers in my family, every single one all graduated that I was the only one. I have a ninth grade education though. Um, so I I’ve always wanted to do that, but I thought my future was managing restaurants. I was an efficiency expert for restaurants for a long time. Yeah, I do. I do this and it’s crazy.

I’ve never been happier. So if you’re, if you’re not doing something close to what you wanted to do, when you’re a kid, try to, I think the thing is the best advice you can give anybody is even if you can do it, part-time go back to what you really wanted to do. Even if it wasn’t that first thing. Cause it might’ve been like, I want to be a ballerina and maybe it is, but you still can be a better reader, but maybe you’re you’re too past that point.

You can’t stretch that. But go past when you, maybe when you’re a teenager, you said, well, I wanted to be, I have my own podcasts. Like, well, I’m too old for that. It’s like, no, do it for free. You have a job. Right. You make money. Right. Cool. So do it on side. That’s what I think is going to fulfill your happiness, which is leads to you, making more money, um, would and whatever you’re doing as a job.

Um, but I think it’s a good question to ask for people and. Um, help them in and what they’re doing. Um, I have to ask myself that consistently, nowadays, um, just when things get hard, um, when sales happen or my lawyer sends me another fucking freaking copy of a product that we’re releasing, um, or I don’t know, something stupid happens.

So like, I always have to remind myself I’m doing what I wanted to do when I was kid I’m happy going to work everyday. My employees love. Working with me. I love working with me. I didn’t, I couldn’t say that 10 years ago. I couldn’t say I like working with myself. You know, I was considered a mean boss. I was strict.

My boss has required me to do something and I did it and I was very good at it. Um, so I did it and people consider me to be mean, um, because I just did what I was required to do. Um, and I’m very good at that. I’m good at saying, rod gives me one plus one equals two every day. I’ll give you two it until you tell me not to.

Jerry: That’s a killer question, man. I love that. Thanks. I’m actually gonna write. That’s running to really get some perspective on man. Do you, do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid? Troy?

Troy: Yeah, I do. I remember I wanted to be a fucking rock star and I, I, up until like college, even like when I was like making the decisions between like, like I remember asking, like how do I get into like the, the musical engineering type of direction and like, oh, you got to do this and this and this.

And. Like you you’re much better off doing this, this computer thing. And I got so much pressure to like

Rod: You got push back. Right? You got it’s it’s it’s the same thing. When I started my first business. The first thing can I told people that I’d wanted to do that? The first thing I heard was their fears.

So the first thing you heard from those people, Troy, was their fears of why they could never do what you have dreaming of doing. So that’s what I always tell people. When you, when you’re thinking about that dream, that you were a child, you wanted to do, you want to be an event you want to be a fucking rock star, a rock star.

Um, don’t think of the hardest things you got to think of first, the ways that it can happen, or at least a way that the first step can happen. So the way that the Rio induction could come to be is by putting, ripping out the induction parts of it one day and drilling a hole through it and sticking it, torch on it and selling that for two years while I develop the real induction.

So you can’t be a rockstar engineer today, but you can go on YouTube and get an. And make some new music. And then in five years, maybe you have 30 clients that you’re doing. You’re mixing their music for, they’re not there. Maybe they’re not M and M and Metallica, but you’re then living your dream. And I always tell people, you, as a kid, you didn’t, I didn’t say I wanted to be an, a venture millionaire.

I wanted to be an inventor. I mean, money didn’t even come into play of that. So when you’re a kid you want to do. I rock star engineer. I’m sh I’m sure money. They even come in and play with that. So go do it, Troy, like do that shit on the side, learn how to be a music engineer side. And it wasn’t like,

Troy: it wasn’t like a music engineer. It was just like, [00:40:00] Like the rockstar

Rod: I’ll come to your fucking show.

Troy: I think, I think I am man. Like, this is, this is this my route to doing it. Like I’m onstage comfortably because here’s, here’s what happened, man. And, uh, in my previous career, I found myself wanting to speak about the innovations that I was finding with SEO and marketing.

But it didn’t feel very natural. And I had to overcome my fear of public speaking, but when it came to like talking about vapes and making videos, I had no fucking problem showing my face, talking about vapes, whatever. So it was like, The key, just like fucking turned without any pressure,

Rod: And then down the line and you see it as what you see, like, like right now, when you, when you, as you said, well, I am that rockstar immediately clicked for me.

I was like, this is his stage. He is the rock star. We are, we are had a show already. I already, I did it all clicked for me. Like when did you see that you are that rockstar? You are living a dream.

Troy: I’m just making that realization here in the last. Near, you know, it’s just been coming, coming to light.

Rod: That’s really good. That’s a good feeling. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely want to hear yours, Jerry. And when you, when you think about it and,

Jerry: uh, I don’t remember as a little kid, but it was when I was in high school, I was an audio. And then, uh, I wanted to start my own line of, uh, audio equipment.

I went to college thinking I would, I would design some cool shit and ran into, uh, engineering, calc and engineering physics, and realized that was a lot more work than I was used to them doing math and switched over to business school and hearing him on the interwebs. So, uh, yeah, I dunno. I, I still. I, but I was thinking about it when you said that I was like, I have a passion for quality sound and, and for, for, for vibration in general now, I mean, when we talked about things, but, but yeah, I wanted to make the first instill.

I don’t know if it’s ever been done. Um, I wanted to make a a hundred percent fiber optic stereo so that all the signals would be sent over fiber optics instead of copper wire and electrical shit. And, uh, I don’t know if anybody’s bothered to do that, but I was looking at something that would lose zero.

You would have no loss in your signal, no matter how far you went with it. And I don’t think we should, if you do that, then you can do some serious quality transmission. And as it turns out today, nobody gives a shit. All they wanted is smaller. You know, they don’t even care about it. Give me a smaller file.

They don’t really care about the quality of the sound that much. So, I mean, the quality is good. It’s really good. But it’s. What I would want to sit down and put headphones on and listen to all the time. So, um, yeah, man, I thought about that. Maybe we should go make some stereos now, man.

Rod: Yeah. I mean, there’s, there’s people that, you know, there’s nothing, there’s nothing wrong with making, like, imagine like a handmade wood stairs, you know, like they used to make like those old school stereos in the fifties, they were like, just stare at like a wood box.

So like, imagine like you bringing that kind of. That, that style back with some modern aspect to it, having that same like data that there’s like one off kind of fuse make five a year, man. Then why not? My buddy is making a vape. Built-in.

My guys, my buddy started making guitars. Um, he’s not making, he’s making like two a year or something, but he’s a, he’s a metal worker, but he’s like, I’ve always dreamed of making my own guitar. So you gotta, you know, you got a little. Uh, CNC that Mila’s this out and they brought a bunch of wood and slowly but surely,

Jerry: He needs to put a vape on that guitar too, man, we need to enjoy, that’ll be choice piece right there, man.

You put a, put a, put a baller, head attached to a guitar and he’ll be gone, man. It’ll be like on stage forever.

Troy: I would love a guitar with a vape built into it, whether it was a butane vape or a ball vape or fucking flower mate vape. I don’t give a shit at this point, hot rod, hot rod built into it.

Jerry: Well, I’m going to microdose my Rio here for rod.

Rod’s got that. I’m going to micro.

Rod: And I always say from microdosing, the best way to microdose is preheated and then do it because I think micro-dosing, it runs up your walls.

Jerry: It does. That’s a good idea. Maybe I should start trying hot down.

Rod: Not hot, just pre preheated and then drop it in because when you microdose, it’s such little oil that that little amount of just runs away from the heat so quickly.

Jerry: That’s what I battle. Like even that little bit is [00:45:00] up halfway up the,

Troy: I ended up using the, the PI cap instead of the regular real cab guy. I can just push the oil wherever.

Rod: Well, we appreciate you. I’ve always like again, man, I’ve, I’ve been a fan. Um, at least Troy, um, no offense to you, Jerry, but I’ve just, I, because I, I, I followed that up for half and I followed, um, the heat breaks and then, uh, mystic vapes mirror, mystic vapes, back from back in the days, mystically, he had like a, uh, an old school vape. Uh, I think it was.

And I had, I met him through watching Troy treat videos. Um, and then I got my first CNC from watching, um, the people that, you know, were. The, the, the, the people that Trey were talking about, I would go on their page and they had like these tabletop CNC machines. Then I went and got my CNC machine. So it was like a lot of my creativity of like making the CNCS and getting my 3d printer.

It was like, always from watching either Troyer shows like him. It was, but mainly Troy, you know, it was like, I was a fan way before we were friends, you know, like I wasn’t was like, so when, like we talked and when. Crazy that like, Troy knows my product. He’s like, well, I start product. And it’s like, and we’re not paying them to do that.

You know? Cause there was a certain point your home, he couldn’t afford to do advertising or marketing or any of that. I couldn’t afford to do that. It was you’re crazy. That’s that’s not a thing of a thought I’m trying to pay my rent. Um, But, you know, um, that’s what we, we, we always appreciated about, about the education aspect of what we do and what you guys do is, um, truth, um, and the truth.

And I think the knowledgeable companies actually design and put up the products are the ones that are still around and they’re the ones going to continue to be around in 10 years. Um, the other ones will try, come and go, come and go. You a couple of million dollars, I guess. And then the leaf, you know, we’ve gotta be able to know them and point them out before they make those millions and take steal millions from people at the end of the day is what I say.

All right, guys. Well, I appreciate you guys having me, man. I appreciate you guys and everything you guys do for us. Um, and appreciate your guys’ knowledge too. Um, um, that’s what I love about you guys. The most. Um, I appreciate our friendship and, um, I think our future together will be, um, always continue to grow and in, in, in a good, positive, bright way.

Um, but thank you guys so much for having me too. I really do appreciate it. ,

Jerry: Thank you brother. Thank you. I appreciate it. We appreciate you, man. You sponsor the show and believe in us and we really appreciate that, man. Thanks so much.

Rod: I’m happy to and uh, stache loves it. So, um, all right, I’m going to jump off guys.

Troy: Happy Friday! Cheers!

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