If you haven’t heard of Elias before, this will be a treat for you. As the first cannabis-sanctioned athlete, and current MMA fighter, Elias is working towards changing the stigma of cannabis in the world of sports. Only after he exhausted all other first-line options for pain management, mainly opioids, was Elias able to plead his case that cannabis was the best option for pain management associated with bilateral neuropathy.

We had the opportunity to talk with Elias after his most recent fight, and caught up on what went down in the ring, how he celebrated a win, and a lot more.

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It’s been a year since Elias first entered the ring after securing his therapeutic use exemption for cannabis. While he continues to win fights in the ring, we hope to see him win more fights against the stigma. This Friday he will be at the Colorado Combat Club to help other athletes with their exemption cases.

Check back soon to see our full interview with Elias!

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