We had a session with DynaVap creator George Breiwa and got the inside scoop on the new M+. If you like DynaVap Vapcaps, you MUST watch this video. George blew my mind with a new heat technique for thick, cloudy results!

Is DynaVap its own vape category?

Troy asked this question at the end of our session, but it’s a great starting point. DynaVap’s goal is to make smoking history. Their products are simple, ritualistic, and familiar to smokers. Back in the day the only option was to smoke, but. Now we have vaporizers that basically “smoke without the smoke”, and DynaVaps are affordable enough for anyone.

The new M+ is an attempt to get even closer to the smoker hit. DynaVap listened to their critics the past two years and came up with a slightly bigger bowl and a more aggressive heat technique that can melt your face.

aim for the dimples

Aim for those little dimples below the bowl. You can twirl or just hit one of them.

Heat the tip, not the cap

That’s right…heat the tip, not the cap with the new M+. Aim for the circles below the cap, and twirl if you want. I didn’t. If it feels weird or scary at first, don’t worry…you’ll love it. My herbs haven’t combusted in this thing yet, even though I thought for sure they did a couple times.  You can still heat up the top of the cap for tasty rips, or the bottom of the cap for clouds. But below the cap is where it’s at.

DynaVap changed the tip a lot, and it’s obvious at first glance. It stays hot longer so you can finish off a bowl in one heat cycle.

  • The cooling fins are gone, and their mass was pushed just under the bowl to keep that sucker hot and cooking.
  • The outside of the bowl has a geometric pattern that transfers heat to the bowl and creates a little convection heat.
  • The payload is 12%-15% bigger thanks to a deeper bowl with thinner walls.
  • You can still scrape out the deeper bowl with the cap because of the serrations on the end of the tip.
  • This tip has the lowest mass of any stainless steel DynaVap tip.
the Squareport

The new square-shaped airport, or “squareport”

The DynaVap M+ was made for big rips

Now that you’ve dumped all that heat into the tip, it’s time to rip it and have some fun! Take George’s advice, and give it a go with the square airport (or “squareport”) wide open for as long and hard as you can. I was floored at the intense clouds! But you’re not done…there are still a couple more hits in there. That’s right, you can pass this DynaVap around the circle, or take it all down for yourself!

Wanna get deep and nerdy on why it all works? In the video George dove into the physics behind choke points, aerosols and efficeincy.  It turns out a lot of it is tied to the simplest part of the vqpe, the condenser tube. It extends into the tip just enough to make a huge difference. The M+ can feel counter-intuitive…the harder I ripped it, the thicker it hit.

tons of texture on the M+ stem

Crazy texture – Smooth lines, rough lines, criss-cross lines.

Textures explode off the stem

DynaVap has been on the hunt for a natural, tactile feel for their line of M vaporizers since they debuted six iterations ago.  But the M+ goes further than good looks and a guide to the airport. It’s an explosion of sensations for your fingers, with alternating rough and smooth lines that overlap and are easy to grip. And yes, the tactile guide to the airport is better than ever. George is excited about this new frontier for his vapes, and I can’t wait to see how they might incorporate multiple colors into the design. From a tactile perspective, this M is very different from the others.

you can't miss the airport location. this is the square on the backside

You can’t miss the airport location with this square nub directly opposite it.

Works with any cap

I used the M+ with a standard cap, a Low Temp cap, an Armored cap, and the Simrell Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), and it hits great with all of them. You can still heat the tip directly with the heavier caps. You don’t need the extra oomph of the Armored cap or the FMJ for massive hits, but it sure doesn’t hurt! You may find it goes even further around the circle.

funky repeating pattern on outside of bowl

The “crown” consists of seven tips and serrations. The outside of the bowl is a mosaic of that funky shape repeated.

Don’t sleep on this one

It should be obvious by now that the M+ is radically different from earlier versions. For those that have criticized DynaVap for a lack of innovation beyond aesthetics, here you go. The M+ is a redesigned vape with a new heat style that rips hard like we asked for.

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