Jahbu is back! Troy and Jerry had a great time with rastafarian digital artist Jahbulani Ori, so naturally we are excited to share some of their conversations. Jahbu explains how his relationship with cannabis shifted with time, and how the psychoactive nature of the herb brought about a change to his meditation practices and spirituality. Troy also had some stories of his own in regards to his spiritual awakening, although in his case it’s caused by a psychoactive mushroom rather than a flower.

First up, Jahbu shares his first experience with cannabis, and how that impacted his meditation practice, his art, and his spirituality as a whole.

Next up, Troy shares his exploration with magic mushrooms, and how these experiences impacted his spiritual journey.

We all appreciated the opportunity to get to know Jahbu, and the great conversations we had together. If you’re interested in more from Jahbu, check out both him and his beautiful art on Instagram, Facebook, and on his own website.

Watch the interview in it’s entirety right here.

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