Known for their silky smooth vapor, the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers from Storz & Bickel are some of the most loved weed vapes on the market. With so many using them, people have found ways to improve their vaporizers with aftermarket parts and accessories. Watch the video or read on to see the best of these accessories so that anyone can upgrade their Mighty or Crafty and improve their vaping experience!

Mighty Stands

Keep the Mighty and Mighty+ upright! As far as Mighty accessories go, this might be one of the most essential. For some reason the Mighty wasn’t built to stand on its own, however thanks to these stands your Mighty can remain upright for easy loading, or simply to keep it on display and out of harm’s way.

  • Mighty Mini Stand – Keep your Mighty upright at home, with several colors to choose from including a glow in the dark option! Designed and made by Delta 3D studios.
  • Mighty / Mighty+ Stand – Attach a stand to the base of your Mighty or Mighty+, so it can easily stand anywhere, anytime! Load the Mighty one handed, or keep it upright and out of harm’s way. Available in 6 colors.

Cooling Units

Cooling units provide an enhanced air path for smooth vapor. Both the Mighty and Crafty feature a maze of twists and turns that reduce the harshness of the vapor before it reaches your lips. The cooling units that Storz & Bickel designed produce one of the smoothest vapor experiences available in portable weed vapes, even to this day.

  • Mighty Cooling Unit – The stock plastic cooling unit that comes with the Mighty or Crafty provides a significant drop in vapor temperature, and plays a major role in the Mighty and Crafty’s super smooth vapor. Available as a single replacement or 3-pack.
  • Mighty and Mighty+ Stainless Steel Cooling Unit – A stainless steel cooling unit with both titanium and glass mouthpieces designed to offer an alternative material to the stock plastic cooling unit. Troy wrote a review on this cooling unit if you’d like to know how it performs.

Water Pipe Adapters (WPAs)

The Mighty and Crafty+ already produce very smooth vapor thanks to their cooling units, however for additional cooling nothing beats vaping through a glass piece, either wet or dry. Connect your weed vaporizer to a bong or glass piece with these water pipe adapters.

  • Mighty & Crafty+ Glass Adapter – Attach your Mighty or Crafty vaporizer to a bong for additional cooling. The glass water pipe adapter comes in either 14mm OR 18mm joint sizes.
  • Mighty / Crafty+ Universal Water Pipe Adapter – Compatible with 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm bongs, this universal water pipe adapter is the all-in-one solution to using the Mighty or Crafty+ with all sizes of bongs.
  • Mighty & Crafty+ Silicone Water Pipe Adapter by Delta3DStudios – A silicone water pipe adapter designed to put as little stress on the vape as possible. Made by Delta3DStudios, this water pipe adapter uses silicone connection points that allow it to disconnect from the vape, rather than stress the plastic connection. Compatible with both 14mm AND 18mm bongs.
  • XMAX Starry Water Pipe Adapter – Use the Mighty or Crafty+ with a bong without inverting it. Keep your Mighty or Crafty+ upright and with the cooling unit connected AND attach the mouthpiece to a bong! Perfect for people who wish to reduce the plant material buildup in their bong, or for those who reuse the reclaim in their cooling units.

Simrell Collection Accessories

Based out of Ohio, Simrell Collection designs and manufactures premium vaporizer accessories.

  • Titanium Whip Adapter / Mighty Adapter – This titanium adapter for the Mighty and Crafty+ allows any Dynavap stem to be attached for additional cooling. Some Dynavap stems like the MVS from Simrell Collection or the Omni from Dynavap provide a carb that can be completely closed off, which works best while attached to the Mighty or Crafty+ as a stem.

Must Have Mighty/Crafty Accessories

Other Mighty and Crafty accessories! These are all quite popular among the dry herb vaporizer community.

4 Dosing Capsule Caddy – Use this handy key-chain to easily carry 4 dosing capsules with you on-the-go. Pack enough weed for an adventure!

8 Dosing Capsule Magazine – Easily carry enough herb for those all-day adventures!

Mighty / Crafty+ Loading Funnel – No longer drop crumbs of herb into the crevices around the bowl of your Crafty+ or Mighty! This loading funnel attaches to the top of the Mighty and Crafty+, so you can easily tap your herbs in with confidence that the funnel won’t fall out and spill weed everywhere.

Cleaning Brush Set – Keep your airflow and vape performance high by maintaining your bowl screens, and there’s no better way to do that then with these brushes from Storz and Bickel, some of the best brushes available for maintaining your vape bowls.

Bowl Reducer for Mighty+ / Crafty+ – If you’d like to microdose in your Mighty or Crafty+, this bowl reducer is exactly what you need! The glass ring reduces the bowl size so that less weed fits inside. Compatible with all versions of the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers.

Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsule Set – Many people use dosing capsules regularly, sometimes exclusively, whether it’s so they can pre-pack their weed, reduce oven maintenance, or simply to keep track of their consumption. Available in a set of 40, these capsules should last you a while!

Filling Set For 40 Dosing Capsules – For those who pack capsules often, the dosing capsules filling set is a god-send. Easily pack however many capsules you need!

More Mighty Content

Interested in a Mighty or Mighty+ but don’t own one yet? Find relevant links below! Let us know what you think the best Mighty accessories are!

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