If you like flame-powered artisan wood vapes, you’re in luck! In this video Troy breaks out his monster collection of hot wood. Grab your favorite torch and heat along with us!

We start out with the easiest artisan vapes to acquire – Sticky Bricks! This company has brought small batch artistry to the masses with a whole catalog of flame powered beauties. From the Maxx down to the Flip Brick, each is special.

Troy also has several vapes from O’Connell Woodworks. These are similar to Sticky Bricks, but with their own shapes and curves. Beautiful pieces, for sure!

Troy shows off some harder-to-find vapes, like Doug’s Woodery and the Dreamwood Punch. But there are also good options from Ed’s TNT and Lamart (the Pyro and Flam).

We want to shine the light on any other artisan vape manufacturers we missed, so please use the comments below to point out your faves!

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