Tonight the guys go over the entire DaVinci lineup, from the discontinued vapes to the latest release, and talk about a newly named phenomenon – Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.

DaVinci innovates!

We’re not going to hide anything here…we love DaVinci. The products are stylish, innovative, and effective. But it doesn’t end there. We’ve been to the company headquarters and to several DaVinci parties, and always come away impressed. The people are genuine and the company truly tries to innovate at every step. It’s in their culture. While we don’t personally prefer conduction vapes for most of our personal sessions, we recognize the excellence in DaVinci vapes and think they’re fantastic at what they do.

DaVinci has released a total of five dry herb vapes since their early beginnings, and every one of them brought a new take on vaping.

The original Davinci vape was an early electric all-in-one portable vape that most haven’t spent any time with. It had some quirks, but came with an attached mouthpiece, full digital temperature control, and a little stealth. You could blend in and pretend it was a walkie-talkie with the cooling grill that looked like a speaker, and the mouthpiece hanging off like an antenna. This was easily one of the first portables with full digital temp control, and had a metal bowl. This vape has been discontinued and is very hard to find.

Next came the Ascent, the biggest of the bunch. DaVinci had listened to the market, and brought forth a vape that had killer battery life and a full glass vapor path. No joke, some of the best tasting hits ever came off my old Ascent. The oven was ceramic, but glass lined, and butted up against an all glass vapor path…yummy! The oven swiveled out from the bottom like nothing ever since. Unfortunately, this vape was recently discontinued and is rarely found anywhere for sale.

I still remember the first time I saw the IQ at a Champs trade show. It had an amazing light display, an adjustable oven, and that beautiful loading dock! Easily one of the best looking vapes to hold. But that’s not all DaVinci did to innovate. The IQ also debuted the flavor chamber, Smartpaths, and a full smartphone app. While the flavor chamber doesn’t seem to have really caught on, Smartpaths did. Forget temp-stepping – this one does it for you. It didn’t take long for Pax to catch up and release the Pax 3 with its phone app, but DaVinci did it first.

Next up was the MIQRO, definitely our least favorite vape of the bunch. That’s okay, not every swing is a home run. The MIQRO looks dope, and does hit a specific market, but in general is on the weaker side for regular vaporists. It’s dinky and cute, but with a smaller oven and weaker battery. At the end of the day, this one is great for the occasional user – someone who doesn’t need much to get there.

The latest release, the IQ2, still innovates. Instead of resting on their laurels and going for an easy cash grab, DaVinci recast all the molds for a fully tweaked vape. Every corner of the IQ was rethought and improved. Whether it’s the subtle change to a curve, or something radical like airflow control, the IQ2 is an improvement in every way from the original. Even the Devil’s Arse has been improved – now it’s just an arse.

Today, DaVinci only produces the MIQRO and IQ2. That looks like an opportunity for another cool vape down the road from these guys. Keep your eyes open for the next thing they come out with!

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Tonight we talk about a new time waster – or is it? Do you find yourself up late at night doing nothing more than scrolling through social media posts, just to get some ‘me time’? Do you sometimes feel your life is so out of control that you burn up sleep time just to get some time to yourself? You ain’t alone – there’s a term for it, and it can lead to anxiety.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination is more common for those who work-from-home, and the pandemic lifestyle has simply made that worse. Workdays are longer, and start/end times are blurred. If you have other family members at home with you, the demands on time can be even more demanding. Add to that our need for social interactions, and our current lack of them, and we’ve got a perfect storm for scrolling all night long.

What to do? Sleep, make time for yourself during the day, and make good use of your time. Sleep is essential to good health, so skipping that time is counter-productive. With less sleep, we’re more likely to slide into revenge activities. Just as important, is to take control of your day enough to get some time for yourself. Don’t sacrifice precious sleep time – take breaks during the day instead. This can help us feel more in control of our lives, and more at peace at night. Finally, make good use of your time.

Most of my revenge bedtime over the last fifteen years was spent vaping and writing about vapes, and look where that led! I probably spent half my time in productive ways, and the other half wasting it. It’s okay to waste time. In fact, I look forward to it. When I waste time, I own it and consider it a luxury! But I like to have hobbies that can end up somewhere, too. If you spend that revenge time doing something you love, no matter how silly it seems, chances are you’ll have something you value after a little while.