“Do you have any advice for getting started in the cannabis industry?” This is one we get a lot. And our advice is simple: follow your passion. Watch the video for some real Think Dank talk on how you can get started and work in the cannabis industry.

But First, Passion

If you’ve already discovered your passion, you’re halfway there. Now go out there and do it. Do it for free because it brings you joy. The rest will follow.

So long as what you’re doing is done well and makes an impact, you will be able to monetize that passion. You may find that way yourself, or someone else may take notice and bring an opportunity to you. It may sound crazy but “just do it” is your answer.

We have a failure avoidance culture, when really we should embrace it.

Jerry (Stickstones)

Channeling your energy into something that brings you joy is a win in itself. But success doesn’t exist without failure. So why not fail towards something that you enjoy?

Both Troy & Jerry took their passions and ran with it. Creating content just because they enjoyed it.

Troy started reviewing dry herb vaporizers as a hobby back in 2015 and it became his full-time career in 2017.

So if you want to work in the cannabis industry, or do anything for that matter, our advice is simple: find what you love and go do it, even if it’s for free.

How Others Got Started

Not every story is the same, but they do have something in common. It all started from doing something they love. Check out these videos to see how Vapefiend‘s George and Sneaky Pete Vaporizers both got started in this industry!

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