Join us for a chat with Vapefiend George about canna-law and legalization and how we see it affect businesses in this space like Puffco. As one of the larger brands in the cannabis space, it’s hard to fathom that they would have trouble getting their products in people’s hands. Watch the video for more!

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If you’re looking for more from our interview with George, you can watch the full interview here. Just looking for the highlights? We got you covered!

  • Vape Firsts – Everybody loves a “the first time I got high” story. And trust us when we say, you definitely want to hear George’s!
  • Getting Starts in the Industry – The Vapefiend origin story, it’s a real good one!
  • The Future of VapeXhale – If you love industry talk this one is for you.
  • Let’s talk about XVape – George understands the importance of offering great products with great customer service to back it, here’s what XVape does right!

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