Tonight Troy and Jerry take a look at how to get the most out of your goodies. How do you fully extract everything you want from your herbs with a vaporizer? Which vapes do it best? Which vapes make it easy?

What does full extraction mean?

Efficiency and full extraction mean different things to different people. Some define full extraction in simple terms, to get everything out of it. Others put time and draw limits on it (think micro-dosing). Still others factor in the amount of energy it took to extract everything. Needless to say, the conversation got deep!

Conduction vs convection

Does that make a difference? We all have anecdotal opinions, but what do the medical professionals say? Can you fully extract everything via convection, or does that leave a little behind for conduction? Troy and Jerry found out the only way they know how – side-by-side vape tests!

Troy vaped weed through the Mighty, then the Starry at top temp, and then a Sticky Brick. Jerry went Mighty – Hybrid – Starry, before demo-ing his Herborizer up close. No better way to learn than to watch it unfold through a glass bowl!

How to fully extract with your vape

But what about your vape? How do you get it all? Vape demos include the Evo, Hybrid, log vapes, Arizer portables, the Firefly 2+, and Tera. Whether it’s ground or whole, all methods are explored!

Jump on in!

What are you waiting for? Watching along is a lot more fun than reading about it. Grab your favorite vape and get fully extracted!