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The Camouflet Inductor gets better with the Zooter!

inductor with vapes

If you regularly watch the Think Dank, this is our third go at a Camouflet product in the last eight months…they’ve been busy! In August we got familiar with their dry herb vape (a lot like a DynaVap), the Convector, with a torch. Then, in January, we got ahold of their Inductor, which has the potential to really shake things up in the industry. It’s an induction heater that can easily heat up anything in your vape arsenal made of metal. Last time out we used it to heat up a Lotus vaporizer!

This time we have the Zooter – a dab pipe that heats up almost instantly with the Inductor. If you like cold start dabs, you need to pay attention! Once I got the hang of it I moved the Convector into my bedroom because everything is so quick and easy to use! I don’t have to wait for my vape to get to temperature anymore…just load it up and heat it with the F-core. This thing is fast!

Best of all, Camouflet is going to ship one lucky winner a whole kit – the Inductor, Convector and Zooter! Check out our Instagram post to enter before the contest is over! And stay tuned for more…Camouflet already has a couple more toys to pair with the Inductor, and you’re gonna flip when you see them!

Tips and early impressions

Zooter 1

The Zooter was the original concept for the Inductor, but Camouflet released the Convector first while they fine-tuned the Zooter. The Zooter is made of Ceramic Zirconia for a strong, pure, refined finish. Every part of it has been polished to an amazing shine that is easy to clean. Here’s some tips to get started:

  • Connect all the cords before you power the Inductor on.
  • Install both silicone pieces on the Zooter.
  • Set the Inductor between 23.5 and 25.5. A good starting point is 24.
  • Do a dry run first to get used to the technique. It won’t hurt the Zooter.
  • Let the F-core heat up for about a second or two before you touch it to the Zooter.
  • Make sure the Zooter touches the F-core (the little button that sticks out from the handheld heater). Performance drops way off as soon as you start to remove the Zooter from the F-core, and gets worse the further away it is.
  • This thing heats up fast! Think of it more as a flame than an induction heater. It’s quick and powerful.
  • Hit it as soon as you see vapor form inside the window.
  • This heater is unregulated, so play with your technique and different styles to find your fit.
  • If it’s not hot after your first heat up, go back in for more heat in three second intervals.
  • You can also hit it while you heat it up to play with different terp profiles!

Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!

camouflet kit

The full Inductor kit with the Convector and Zooter. The Zooter is new, and the Inductor has seen some improvements.


Remember the Convector for your dry herbs? It’s still here and kicking!

improved f-core

The improved F-core has better interior insulation and the button was moved further from the action so it stays cool to the touch.

Zooter 1

And here it is…the Zooter! Now you can crush concentrates with the Inductor, too!

Zooter 3

Top-down look at the Zooter. I just cleaned the bowl and it came out pretty nice. Still some black in there.

zooter parts

The Zooter completely taken apart to clean.  The stem is made of two ceramic halves that are held together with a silicone sleeve. Let’s put it back together together…

zooter assembly 1

First, flip the top half over and place the metal heat exchanger on the bottom of the bowl.

zooter assembly 2

Then place the bottom half into position.

zooter assembly 3

Slide the silicone sleeve up the stem until it is secure and holds the halves together without any wiggle.

zooter assembly 4

Slide the glass cover back into position. It’s best to slide this piece on in the closed position. If you slide it on with the hole aligned with the oven you risk breaking the weakest part of the glass. More on that in the stream…

Zooter 2

Finally, slide the silicone end cap into place. This gives you a place to open and close the glass cover without burning yourself.

zooter open

A closeup look at the Zooter oven with the glass sleeve in the “open” position.

zooter closed

Rotate the glass 180 degrees to close the oven.

zooter ready

A top-down look at the top of the Zooter when it is closed. The glass is a little rough at this point, but you can still see inside enough to see when the vapor starts to formulate.

zooter loaded closeup

The oven is open and I have loaded a dab of shatter.

zooter loaded

A closer look with the oven closed. This is ready to go!

turn on the f-core

Once loaded and ready, press the button on the F-core to start the heat before you place the Zooter into position.

connect the zooter

Give it a second or two and place the F-core against the metal oven exposed on the bottom. Look throught the glass cover to see when the vapor starts, then it’s time to pull it away and get busy! Hold it upright, not at an angle like in this picture.

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