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The Camouflet Inductor is a vapor-nerd’s playground!

inductor with vapes

We covered the Camouflet Convector back in August of last year.  It’s like a DynaVap, but without the click and with full convection heat. Troy and I were both impressed with how good the taste was, and how surprisingly easy it was to use without the help of an audible click to tell us when it’s ready to vape. We used it with a torch and with a standard induction heater for vapcaps.

Now Camouflet has released the Inductor ($379), their desktop, plug-in induction heater for the Convector. First off, it’s huge, expensive, and the cord to the handheld heater is way too big (they have already fixed that).  But before we judge it by its footprint and economic impact, let’s look at the unique function it brings to anybody’s vape station.

The base is big and beautiful, with a bamboo finish on all sides. It’s heavy and doesn’t slide around, so it’s good for the “station” role. The top tray slides off and has spots for one Convector, two stems, one grinder, some weed, and two magnets for whatever (stir tool, vapcap, Tempest, etc). But the best part is the handheld heater, which Camouflet calls the f-core.

The f-core is ingenious, and will change the way we use induction heat. Instead of putting your vape’s tip in a well that heats up with induction, the f-core creates an induction field outside the heater that heats up any metal inside the field (don’t worry, it’s a small field!) Anything metal that we put up against the little ceramic dot on top will get really hot, really fast!

You can use the Inductor with a lot of stuff, and we will explore that in this stream. We know it can heat up the Convector, DynaVaps, Tempest, Dani vape, Anvil, and the Camouflet banger. But what else can we heat up with this thing? This is where the vapor-nerd dreams come into play, and is what the enthusiast will love!

Tips and early impressions

its hot

The finish on the Inductor is beautiful, but the size makes it feel like a proof-of-concept product. They will have a hard time selling this induction function when the market is used to this kind of tech in their pocket. But that’s why it’s perfect for us vapor-nerds. We don’t care if it’s large, as long as it’s nice and brings new function to our stations. Here’s some tips to get started:

  • Always touch the f-core (the black dot) with the camouflet when you heat it. Any orientation is fine, but make sure they touch. If you just hover it over the dot, you can stress the system and it can overheat.
  • Turn the power all the way up when heating something with a lot of thermal mass, like the Camouflet banger (heat it up as fast as possible to reduce heater stress over time).
  • Connect all components before turning on the power!
  • When heating up a large metal piece, move the f-core around so the metal doesn’t conduct a lot of heat back to the core.
  • For the Convector – set to 21 and adjust from there.
  • For the Anvil – set to 26 and place the f-core just above copper battery.
  • For a Dynavap – set between 22 and 24 and place the f-core 3/4 of the way down the neck or it will click too quickly. Don’t rotate, and try to use the click as the indicator. 
  • For the Dani Fusion – set to 26
  • For the Tempest – set to 26 and heat where the balls are.
  • What else can we do with this thing? Let us know in the comments below!

Big Ass Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for us to start the stream Friday night!


The full Inductor kit. The big f-core wire has already been made smaller and more manageable.

inductor with vapes

Here it is with some good vapes to use with it – the Convector, the Woodwynd, and the Tempest. The grinder hole can fit a Kannastor Gr8tr, but nothing bigger.

closeup of tray

The tray has grooves, slots and magnets for a wide variety of vapes and vape tools.

closerup of tray

The tray from directly above.

tray comes off

Check it out – the tray comes off so you can move around with all your vapes without the big base.


This is the top of the f-core. The black button on top is the heater spot. The button on the right is lit up. Press it to activate the heater.

big wire connection

First, plug the f-core cable into the base unit here.

plug style

Then connect the other end of the cable to the bottom of the f-core. Funky connection type.

power toggle

The opposite side of the base is where the power cable goes. It’s also where you’ll find the power switch.

power knob 1

The knob dials in your power setting. Here it’s set to 21.0 for the Convector.

in the hand

The f-core, or heater, is handheld sized.

fcore closeup

That little black button that looks like a magnet (it’s not) is where you place whatever metal you want to heat up.

how to heat

Touch it like this and you can see the end of the tip, which…

its hot

…gets hot within a few seconds. Can you see it start to glow? That’s about when I pull it off to see if it’s ready to vape.

how to heat

The banger is pretty cool. It heats up really quickly from a cold start. It takes some practice, though, because there is no temp control. I pull the f-core away as soon as I see the concentrate start to melt.


Here’s the bottom of the base unit. It’s a high-quality build.

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