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Glacier Tubes to the rescue?

both glacier tubes

Vape Widgets sent us these Glacier Tubes to test and report on, and we’re gonna see how they do live for the first time on the stream. We have two versions…the short one ($80) with just a glycerin cooling chamber, and the long one ($110) that adds a hydratube-ish water chamber below.

I’m a little skeptical about the results, so I can’t wait to dive in tonight! I had a Vapor Tamer (now made with beads instead of glycerin) from 7th Floor a long time ago and found extra cooling just made things harsher. Cooler, yes, for sure…but also harsher. So I’m curious to see how they work with a Volcano. I also had the Obsidian hydratubes for the Volcano and felt like the vapor was too humid. So, again, I’m curious to see how the models from Vape Widgets do.

The beta Tempest already smacks!

tempest 3

The most exciting DynaVap-style vape on the horizon is easily the Tempest, a collaboration from Mad Heaters and Phattpiggie, and we have beta versions to check out with you. These early models are pre-production, and don’t have the latest screen or the temperature disc that clicks when ready. But they are ready for abuse, and they deliver! It’s basically a vapcap with balls on the end to give it some serious punch…but that’s an over-simplification and doesn’t acknowledge a whole lot more that went into this vape.

The stem leans hard on the Mad Heaters Revolve stem with three selectable ways to cool the vapor…find your fave! The body has fins to dissipate the heat and a metal cover so you don’t burn yourself. At the end of the day, this stem is complicated, but a joy to use once you put in the time to get used to all it does.

The tip is where the magic is. There’s actually a ball vape heater on the very end of the Tempest, defying what we all thought was possible with a ball vape. It can fit in my pocket! Keep in mind that the versions we have aren’t the finished units, and we will use a specific protocol and a particular induction heater to get to the sweet spot.

The Gallery

Here’s some eye candy while you wait for the stream to start Friday night!

both glacier tubes

Look at those cool and frosty Glacier Tubes, ready to jump on top of my Volcano!

combo tube 1

Here’s the bigger tube, with the water filtration below and then the cooling chamber above. The vapor comes out of the Volcano, through the bottom of this thing, out the top and into a bag.

combo tube 2

A closer look at the glycerin chamber above. The glycerin gets really cold and slow in the freezer.

combo tube bottom half for water

A closer look at the Hydratube style water filtration below.

combo tube 2

Here’s the smaller tube, which just has the glycerin chamber.

combo tube 3

A closeup of the glycerin chamber on the smaller tube.

look up the gong

A look up the bunghole. This is the GonG entry point on the bottom.

tempest 3

Tonight’s offering…some sweet bud and a kick ass vape!

bud 1

That bud deserves some more love.

closeup bud

If you’re into weed, this closeup probably got you a little hard!

tempest in hand

The Tempest is bigger than a Vapcap, smaller than a Danivape, and about 3/4″ longer than the Anvil.

tempest full

The Tempest all by itself.

tempest with cap off

Lets unscrew the cap and see what’s going on.

tempest heater bunghole

Bunghole shot! This is looking down into the heater from the bottom of the cap. See the white ceramic balls below the screen? 

tempest temp indicator

That little slider in the cap moves to the right as it gets hotter when you heat it up. A visual temp indicator!

tempest intake

See that slot below the temp indicator? That’s an adjustable air intake into the ball heter. You can see one of the white balls inide. Twist the metal band to adjust the airflow.

Flower Kettle kit

The tip of the bowl has dull cerrations that can cut through bud, but not your fingers.

Flower Kettle carb cap

A look down into the bowl. 

tempest parts

Tempest disassembled.

tempest cooling condenser tube

The Tempest cooling unit is serious. There are three ways to use it, and you can find your sweet spot.

tempest position 3

See the two marks that lined up just below the airport/carb? That’s one setting for the condenser tube.

tempest position 2

Here the band has two dots on it for a different setting.

tempest position 1

The third setting.

tempest mouthpiece

And if you need more settings, just look to the end of the mouthpiece. I will have to look this one up to see what it does!

Tell us what you think!

Got questions for the stream? Drop them in the comments below. Got a question about the Glacier Tubes or the Tempest beta? Drop those below, too. Let us know what you think of these things!

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