In this stream we go over the Ardent FX decarb appliance, and get you up to speed on the US Government’s vaping shenanigans.


Troy and I both beat this one up and came away impressed. The Ardent FX isn’t cheap, but there’s a ton going on under the hood that you’ll never see, and the owner is building a solid community around the science of cannabis edibles. As you’ll see from the snippets and the full interview with the owner, Shanel, knowledge drops left and right at Ardent!

They know their shit at Ardent

Our minds were blown several times over the course of an hour with Shanel. Her opinions about cannabis edibles aren’t just anecdotal. She’s worked with cannabis edibles for 20 years, and not just in the kitchen – she’s been in the lab with real tests. I was first attracted to their products by their newsletters. I can tell when someone really knows their stuff, and they teach through their content. If you’re not subscribed to their newsletter, get on it!

High tech

I know…a high tech oven? But this thing was designed for cannabis. It has two temperature sensors to heat everything equally. The heater is wrapped all around the oven, not just at the ends. And the programming uses algorithms that take advantage of the Ardent expertise. Did you know thc can decarb differently than cbd? I didn’t, and the FX does it. This thing does such a good job of monitoring and controlling the temperature that your extraction will be much more efficient. And they did the lab tests to prove it.

More than decarb

The FX can decarb, infuse and even bake. When I followed the instructions, my small batch decarb didn’t smell at all, which was a first for the kitchen! Start with decarbing, and you don’t have to grind – just drop nuggets in there. After decarb, add whatever you want to infuse. You can even bake with the FX.

Skip the infusion

One of Shanel’s big tips was to skip the infusion. Infusion can limit how much weed you can put in a recipe, and it’s not necessary for digestion. She likes to decarb in the morning, and sprinkle it on meals throughout the day. No need to change your diet at all, just add decarbed cannabis! She also said that vaping decarbed bud can lead to a stronger high. I’m still testing out that one…

Lots of accessories

The didn’t stop at the oven. There are infusion sleeves, presses, pie kits, a lifter to bake smaller pastries, and more coming. It feels like this appliance is going to get used a lot, and in many different ways.


Switching gears, we talk about the looming vape shipping ban in the US. By mid-April, it should be very hard to get any e-cigs through the mail in the US. That legislation has the cannabis vape industry caught in the dragnet, and has a lot of people worried. We hash out the details, and talk about how the vape landscape could change, and who is at risk. If you’re a vaporist in the US, you need to be up to speed on this topic!