Dynavap sponsorship

We’re super stoked to have DynaVap sponsor the show! Everyone loves vapcaps, and we’ve used them for years. We’ve beta tested them since the beginning. In our final sponsor introduction, we talk about what makes DynaVap so great. So grab your vapcap, and watch along…everyone needs a vapcap!


This little thing is cool! It’s got some drawbacks, but at the end of the day, packs a punch for an e-rig. I’m a huge fan of the Switch, and this is nothing like it. Think of this as an alternative to the Peak. Instead of following up with another induction rig, Dr. Dabber went back to its roots and resurrected the Boost, but dressed in modern clothes.

Strong, quartz heater

The Evo’s atomizer is the latest tech in old tech. At the end of the day, it’s just a quartz bucket on top of a resistance wire heater. But it’s tough as nails and easy to clean – never five minutes from new with some Dark Crystal cleaner. And that’s a good thing, because when I go one or two dabs without swabbing, I get “ring around the chaz”.

Lots of temps

Controls are simple. Seven temps, no app, and lots of room for low-temp dabbers to play. You know Dr. Dabber always hits the low temps, and that’s why we have seven on this thing. It sucks to go from low to high on most vapes with one-button on-board controls, but the Evo makes up for it by responding really quickly. I can scroll through all seven temps pretty easily. There are multiple light patterns to select, as well.

Easy to clean

When the testing was over, I reached for the Boost Evo over the other rigs for quite a while because I’m so messy. Every nook that needs to be cleaned is easily exposed and within reach. Since I’m the kind of guy who regularly forgets to swab the oven after a dab, I really like how forgiving the quartz bucket is. It chaz’s up quickly, but cleans easily. The deck and carb ring clean up with just an alcohol wipe.

Short vapor path

The vapor goes straight from the oven to the glass. The Evo ditches a silicone vapor path and plops the glass right over the oven. It felt like a stronger hit than other e-rigs, and one tester went from the usual three hits on a dab, down to two hits with the Evo. If it’s stronger, it might be because more vapor makes its way into your lungs instead of sticking to a silicone vapor path. But I also got dab floaties in the bubbler sooner with this one, so maybe it evens out.

Solid rig with a high price

Bottom line, I like this rig, but $330 feels a little high to pay for it without wireless charging. I don’t need more temps or an app, but these days it’s hard to pay over $300 for an e-rig that doesn’t have a wireless solution. The Peak Pro does it, and a whole lot more, for $400, while the Vista Mini 2 does it for just $159. I’d like to see it in the $250 – $280 range. But if you spring for it, I think you’ll use it. It passed my messy reach test with flying colors.


We qualify. In this society, talking to our kids about using weed is a hard task with lots of traps to navigate, with no guidance. When it comes to parenting, we’re all just winging it, and it’s the most important thing we’ll ever do. Built to fail, we all only get one shot, and no practice. Good luck!

We built our parenting on openness, and steered clear of any hypocrisy. That shit kills. Since we don’t know what we’re doing, I chose to use guiding principals I thought would keep me on the path I chose. It proved very helpful. I also talked to a lot of different people who offered great advice, and I held on to the ones that resonated. Get lots of advice! You don’t have to take it, but the wise person listens to lots of it. Kenny from Sticky Bricks drops some knowledge in this one, as well!

By the way, my guiding principals were: Be open, and never lie. Protect their innocence as long as possible. Get in front of it, and be the first to introduce the topic – prepare them to make their own informed choices!