Storz & Bickel is celebrating their 20th anniversary by giving away several 24K gold Volcano Classics, signed by founders Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel, and we get to give one of them away!

How to enter:
1. Follow @troyandjerry on Instagram
2. Sign up for our email list

Winner will be announced during the March 12 livestream!

Music: Instrumentals by Homage “Homies” “Infinite”

11 thoughts on “WIN A GOLDEN VOLCANO”

  1. Not everyone likes or uses social media. Kind of a bummer you make signing up for Instagram a requirement to enter.
    Just my 2c, tx

  2. High guys i wish i could be also a vaportester like you..! i m jealous..For now i enloy my nonsmoking period after 25 years of combustion.. Unfortunatelly i was vaporknowledgeless for so long… But never is late for something so good.

  3. Love you guys. I was a smoker and skeptical of vapes. After watching your YouTube reviews and show I try it and it’s been 2 years since I stop smoking and became a vape enthusiast. I like to vape, I have like 8 vapes but I haven’t tried a desktop vape yet. My daily driver is the Mighty. I would love to win the Volcano 🌋. I’m disable and don’t have the means to spend that kind of money I depend on my disability check 😡. Love your show 👍😎. Thanks Alfredo

  4. Be over the moon if I win this man. Right over the top of it. Not just a little bit over the top…clearing that whole bad boy in one giant leap (for mankind…) 😂😂


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