I love nights like this! First we break out the latest Dynavap colors, and heat treat them to see what happens. Then we talk about some new Simrell products, and give away our dopest product ever – an FC E-nail by J-Cat! And we wrap it up with a full rundown on the Flowerpot Ballerhead (use code “troytime”). Nothing like getting hammered with some new, kick-ass vapes!

New DynaVap colors

It’s fall again, and we have new colored 2021 M‘s from DynaVap! Every year DynaVap drops some of the most beautiful dry herb vapes around, and this year is no different. The three colors are Verdium, Rosium, and Azurium. DynaFreaks will recognize the Rosium on it’s third time around, and the Azurium for a second, but the Verdium is all new. Troy heard you can heat treat that one as well, so watch along to see how it turned out!

Simrell product drop!

One of our sponsors has some new products out and coming! Simrell recently dropped the Pedestal and the Master Key. The stainless steel Pedestal is a magnetic stand for your VapCap with that Simrell class. The Master Key is a multi-tool for your VapCap. It sets the screens in the tips to both levels, full and half. It also works with Simrell’s next product, to be released on October 7th – a Condenser Tube with Intercooler to work with any VapCap M. Now you don’t need to invest in a full priced Stinger to get an Intercooler!

The Flowerpot Ballerhead

Don’t look now, but Troy and I have a new “reach test” winner! The Ballerhead by Cannabis Hardware (use code “troytime”) has clubbed us all week with serious calories and fewer hot spots. I haven’t slept this well in ages! We go through it in detail, and let you know if/why you need one. Don’t miss out on a seriously faded episode!

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