The Arizer Extreme Q has been on the market since 2007, and it has changed little in the last ten years. Yet it’s still one of the most popular desktop vapes on the market today. Why has it endured? And can it stand up to today’s vapes?

We cover the Q from start to finish, and use it every way possible, comparing it to newer desktop vapes. Bags, whips, mods – it’s all going down!

Q History

The Q came out in 2007, only it was just called the Extreme back then. It released alongside the V-Tower, its stripped down little brother. While the V-Tower was all about the vapor with a simple whip delivery, the Extreme piled on feature after feature in a way that still hasn’t been matched.

Over the course of a couple years, the Extreme would undergo four revisions, or versions, and a name change, before arriving at the current configuration. Today’s Extreme Q has been rocking household for ten years.

Vapes have come and gone through the years, but the Q has endured like no other vape save the Volcano, and at only a third the cost. With a remote, bags, whips, and killer mods, there’s nothing like the Q.


At the heart of the Extreme Q is a pristine vapor path. The ceramic heater encased in a glass cover sends hot air through herbs, glass and stainless steel before hitting a medical grade silicone whip or bag.

It has three fan speeds, so you can fill bags the way you want, and multiple shut-off timers. But watch the temperature. The digital temp control can read as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the bowl.

All the Ways to Vape with the Q

Bags are convenient and easy to share. They’re also pretty brainless, and an easy way to get started. If you have trouble at first with the whip, use the bags until you get a feel for the right draw speed.

Whips are where it’s at if you’re chasing thicker hits, or stronger flavor. You can even use the fan with whip hits, for those extra indulgent moments.

The wide spread of options makes the Q a fantastic first vape. You can really get a feel for how you like to vape, without buying a bunch of vapes to figure it out.

If all that weren’t enough, enter the DDave mod.

DDave Mod is a Game Changer

DDave mods take efficiency to a whole new place. Savvy Q users have been using “elbow packs” for years, tightly packing herbs into the elbow screen above the bowl. But DDave put this method on steroids.

The mod uses a shorter version of the cyclone bowl to bring the herbs closer to the heat. Add the smaller, 14mm basket screen, and efficiency is off the charts. You’ll get big hits from loads so small it’ll make you laugh.

How the Q Stacks Up

The Q has been out forever, so how’s it stack up against today’s desktops like the Ditanium, Plenty, and Volcanos? Or how about within the family, against the V-Tower?

Ditanium – The Ditanium is a desktop whip vape, and that’s about all these two vapes have in common. The Ditanium is $100 more, can do legitimate dabs, as well as dabs and flowers at the same time, and has a signature punch.

Plenty – The Plenty is just plain weird, but will kick your ass. It’s also $70 more than the Q. Starting to see a theme here? Everything is more expensive than the Q! The Plenty diverges from the Q with a huge half-gram bowl, and an all-in-one form factor that’s easy to pass around the couch.

Classic Volcano – Are we even in the same conversation when the Volcano Classic is $300 more than the $180 Q? How many people own a Honda and a Maserati at the same time? The reality is that bags are best on the Volcano for many reasons – a mouthpiece valve system, controlled air flow, and a faster pump, to name a few. But that’s all the Classic does – blow bags.

Hybrid Volcano – Hmmmmm – $700 vs $180. If you’re in the market for one of these, you’re probably not in the market for the other. The good news is they are both excellent. The Q offers unmatched value and performance, while the Hybrid simply does what no other vape can do with weed. The vapor off that thing is truly nutz.

V-Tower – Wait…there is a good vape that is cheaper than the Q! But it’s another Arizer. The V-Tower delivers the same tasty vapor the Q does, but without any bells, whistles, or extra dollars. If you need it ultra-cheap but still want great vapor, this is the one. It doesn’t blow bags or work from across the room with a remote, but the whip hits are fantastic.